Our View: Newspapers — A week to be reminded of their importance


October 1-7 is National Newspaper Week, a time to remember that even with all the technological advances in how people receive news and information, local daily newspapers continue to be the most trusted source, according to survey after survey.

This year’s National Newspaper Week theme is, “Real Newspapers, Real News.” The Times-Gazette is proud to be Highland County’s leading provider of news and information in print, online and via mobile devices.

Next year, The Times-Gazette will celebrate our 200th anniversary. Founded in 1818 by Moses Carothers as the Hillsborough Gazette and Highland County Advertiser, the newspaper has undergone a variety of formats, frequency of delivery, names, management and ownership. But the commitment has remained the same through the decades — to cover our local community as completely, fairly and accurately as possible.

Depending on the viewpoint of the reader, such a lofty goal is not always achieved, a circumstance our founder also pondered. The inaugural edition of this newspaper contained a note that included sentiments wondering just how long the new endeavor might last, and the challenge of making all readers satisfied.

Mr. Carothers wrote, “The editor, from circumstances not within his control, has not been able to issue his paper as soon as contemplated… he is in hopes to be able to continue the publication of his paper henceforth without intermission, and also to merit by his impartial and steady course in the discharge of his editorial duties that patronage which has been extended to him at a risk.”

He added, “It would indeed be gratifying to an editor if it was in his power to please every one of his patrons. But the variety of the pursuits, tastes and situations of men renders it wholly impracticable to please all…”

We deeply appreciate the readers and advertisers who have helped this newspaper serve Highland County and beyond for nearly 200 years. Our commitment is to maintain a level of quality in service and sound journalism that assures continuation for decades and perhaps even centuries to come, in whatever format news and information might be delivered.


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