Barrera: Sheriff’s office gets nearly $29,000 traffic safety grant


Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera announced Friday that the sheriff’s office has been awarded $28,666.83 in traffic safety grant funds through the Ohio Traffic Enforcement Grant.

Barrera recognized the efforts of deputies Mike Gaines and Ryan Miller for brining grant dollars to the sheriff’s office over the last several years, according to a press release.

The sheriff said that beginning in 2014 and continuing through 2017, Gaines and Miller “have managed the Sheriff’s Office’s Traffic Enforcement Program with funding and administration obtained from the State of Ohio’s Department of Public Safety and the Office of Criminal Justice Services.”

Barrera said Gaines and Miller “have been responsible for writing the grants, coordinating the efforts of my deputies in conducting traffic enforcement activities, and managing the monthly reports and statistics necessary to properly implement this grant.”

The traffic grant has been expanded to include additional hours for impaired driving/selective traffic enforcement, to include special traffic details during the summer months, prom season and during the holidays throughout the year, according to the press release.

“This grant has allowed us to assign additional road deputies to additional traffic patrol duties, making Highland County roads and highways much safer,” said Barrera.

For more information on the grant, contact the sheriff’s office at 937-393-1421.

Sheriff credits deputies Gaines, Miller for grant awards

The Times-Gazette

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