Loud noise caused by ruptured semi tire


A loud “boom” likely heard by many on the south end of Hillsboro late Tuesday morning was caused by a tire rupturing at the back end of a semi trailer parked in the gravel lot near Holtfield Station, according to authorities on the scene.

Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District Chief Dave Manning told The Times-Gazette the rear brakes on the semi trailer overheated and caught fire, causing the tire to expand until it popped off the rim.

No injuries were reported, but the Highland County Senior Center was briefly evacuated after the noise caused the building to shake, according to executive director Mechelle Frost.

Paint Creek personnel and vehicles responded to the center where they said there was a strong odor of smoke, but departed when it was determined that the rupturing tire had caused the smell.

Taylor Chaney, a barista at the coffee shop in Holtfield Station, said she was preparing a drink when it happened.

“The whole store shook,” Chaney said. “It was crazy.”

Others nearby at the time said they thought it was a sonic boom.

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By David Wright


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