Basketball returns to Highland County


Basketball is back! That’s right, Dr. James Naismith’s grand game is here again.

The NBA started its season on October 17, a week earlier than usual, and the reduced preseason schedule seems to have affected the quality of play to this point in the season.

NCAA basketball opened their season on Friday, full disclosure: I love college basketball, and so far the action that I have seen has been exceptional.

The NCAA season will have a dark cloud hanging over it thanks to a pending FBI investigation that has already resulted in the indictment of 10 people related to the sport including four high profile assistant coaches.

But, I am not going to let that ruin college basketball for me. I am still going to watch, regardless of that cloud, and I am sure that many others will do the same.

Now, with all of that said you would think that I would be satisfied. But, I am not and fortunately for me there is more basketball on the way.

High school basketball to be precise, in the great state of Ohio, and I get to have a front row seat.

I have been told that I am going to get tired of basketball, after covering it for The Times-Gazette this year. I disagree; I think that my love for the game will only grow.

Since the first time I stepped into a gym with the intent to play basketball the sport has been a sanctuary for me. I was never the best at it or anything like that but I always had fun playing basketball. It always just felt so natural.

The sound of soles squeaking against the wood floor was like music to my ears. It will be nice this winter to find myself in the gym again with the unmistakable sounds of the game surrounding me.

I may not be on the floor playing but that is okay, it is still going to be relaxing to feel the flow of the game as I watch the talented young Highland County athletes enjoy the game as I once did.

My hope is that the high school athletes in the area honor the game with sportsmanship and friendly competition. Remember that basketball can be a tool that brings people together; it has always been that way for me.

I am excited for all of the teams in Highland County this season. Everyone may not be an All-Star but as long as they are playing the game with passion and respect it is going to be fun.

Good luck to all the teams this season! I look forward to having the opportunity to see you all play this year.

Finally, I would like to say to the community, I look forward to seeing you all in the stands this year.

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By Ryan Applegate

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