GPD proactive approach getting results


It is a proactive approach to law enforcement rather than a reactive one, Greenfield Police Chief Jeremiah Oyer said, that has results in the number of arrests increasing this year at the same time the number of offenses investigated has been cut more than in half.

The latest GPD statistics available from the end of September show that 866 arrests had been made in the village, compared to 789 for the same period a year ago; while the number of offenses investigated stood at 302, compared to 831 for the same time last year.

The police chief said that an offense is listed as being investigated each time his officers are called to something like a domestic incident or the report of something being stolen.

In addition to being more proactive, Oyer said that his officers are also actively looking for people with warrants that enter Greenfield from other counties.

“The mindset I have is that being more proactive keeps the ones committing crimes out of our town. We’re trying to eliminate crimes before they happen,” Oyer said. “If we keep that element out of our town, or afraid to come to our town because they know we’ll pick them up for warrants and other things, then we’re making things better for everybody. That’s the ultimate goal.”

Oyer said his officers are also patrolling more aggressively to try to reduce the number of offenses committed in Greenfield and to protect the residents’ property, and the statistics appear to bear that out, too.

Through September of this year, the value of property reported stolen in Greenfield was $11,204, compared to $60,427 a year ago; and the value of stolen property recovered was $768, compared to $50,779 a year ago. In addition, the value of property vandalized through September of this year stood at $3,300, compared to $24,192 for the same period last year.

The number of prisoners housed at the Greenfield jail through September stood at 220 compared to 165 for the same time from last year. Oyer said the number of prisoners housed in the jail has increased because more arrestable offenses have been committed and there were a few major incidents that led to a large number of arrests.

The plan, Oyer said, is for his officers to continue their proactive approach.

“That should keep crime at a bearable rate where the citizens don’t have to worry about their property,” he said.

In the end, the police chief said, the credit for the change in statistics is due to the hard work of his officers.

“There’s no way this all happens without them,” Oyer said. “They’ve been really stepping up to make the town a better, safer place for everybody.”

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Arrests are up, but offenses investigated are way down

By Jeff Gilliland

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