Two more complaints filed against Jeffersonville man


A Jeffersonville man arrested Thursday at Fayette County Memorial Hospital had two more complaints filed against him by residents in Washington C.H. and New Holland.

Derek J. Myers, 25, left the Washington Municipal Court Thursday after claiming to have a panic attack minutes before going to trial on nine cases open against him in the court. He faces traffic citations and misdemeanor charges for speed, failure to control, obstructing official business, reckless operation, and license and registration violations, according to court records.

In addition to the charges already filed with the Washington C.H. Municipal Court and incidents reported in Pickaway County, two more complaints were filed against Myers recently.

A civil protection order against Myers was granted Nov. 28 to a Washington C.H. man in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas. The man reported to the Washington Police Department on Nov. 19 that Myers blocked his car and then said Myers jumped on the top of his car. Myers was issued a criminal complaint for vehicle trespass, according to police records.

In New Holland, lifelong resident Brenda Carroll said Myers has caused a bunch of “craziness” in the town and accuses Myers of assaulting her in the New Holland mayor’s court on Nov. 29 when he briefly showed up, but left the courthouse before appearing for the citations.

Carroll said in an interview Friday, “He records everybody else, so I went to town and recorded at the court. I just got the phone going and recording him walking in, and I asked him [questions] and then he opened up the door to go in the building, and he shut the door in my face. But I went inside, and he took his black binder, and he shoved his binder up to my face and my phone went up into my nose, and he screamed, ‘She touched me, I want her arrested!’”

Carroll filed a report over the incident with the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office and said she is giving PCSO Sgt. John Schleich the video taken from her cell phone to review as evidence.

“I had a slight nosebleed and a headache. It was just a quick one, too, but it still hurt. He had no right to do that, but my video shows it, and I know people will say, ‘Well, you shouldn’t have gone over there,’ but I have the right to record, it was a public meeting, and I have a right not to be assaulted while I do that because I was not doing anything illegal. He’s tearing up my town, I see nothing wrong with what I do,” Carroll said.

On Thursday, after he was checked and discharged from the hospital for the panic attack claim, Myers was subsequently arrested by the New Holland Police Department on a warrant for failing to appear on traffic violation charges in the New Holland mayor’s court. New Holland Chief of Police Jason Lawless said Myers posted bail and was released from the Pickaway County Jail Thursday.

Washington C.H. prosecutor David Owens said during court Thursday that in addition to the nine open cases in Washington Municipal Court, Myers has several open cases in Pickaway County. There have been two traffic violations in New Holland, Lawless said, and five in Circleville courts. Cases filed in the Circleville Municipal Court against Myers in October are for charges of stalking, a first-degree misdemeanor, menacing, a first-degree misdemeanor, and disturbing a meeting, a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

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