Commissioners approve 2018 budget


The Highland County Board of Commissioners on Thursday gave its official stamp of approval for the 2018 county budget.

As reported by The Times-Gazette, the budget for 2018 will be about $10.3 million, a roughly five-percent increase from 2017.

Commission President Shane Wilkin said last week that there were no budget cuts, but some departments’ appropriation requests had to be modified and returned to them.

Wilkin also said the county’s sales tax revenue has dipped for the third month in a row.

Last week, the commissioners were waiting on a finalized budget from the Highland County Court in Greenfield.

The board met Wednesday, then recessed so the final year-end budget and resolutions could be prepared. Board members Wilkin, Jeff Duncan and Terry Britton reconvened Thursday afternoon, along with county Auditor Bill Fawley, to complete the formal budget approval.

The Times-Gazette

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