McClain boys and girls varsity swim team swim to victory against Notre Dame


This past Thursday evening the Tiger Sharks swam against Portsmouth Notre Dame; this home meet was one of the most intense of those already swam this year. Both the boys and girls gave it their best striving to be number one. At the end of the meet, the ladies won 59-34 and the boys 48-46.

Many swimmers pushed hard today, but a few did extraordinarily well.

The Girls 200-meter Medley Relay team consisting of Erika Martin, Kerigan Pollard, Anna Raike, and Ruby Brenna glided into first place with a time of 2:31.75.

The Boys 200-meter Freestyle race was close and exciting. Many teammates gathered and cheered eagerly waiting for the race to end. Timmy Eleyet was racing head to head with Xavier Shepherd from Notre Dame. When the race came to an end Eleyet finished in second place, only a second or two behind Shepherd. His final time was 2:31.88.

Jillian Voss swam in the Girls 200-meter Independent Medley race. Although she did not finish with first place she came in second. She finished with a time of 3:18.10 shaving three seconds off of her previous best.

Raike also swam in the Girls 100-meter Butterfly; she pulled into first place with a time of 1:31.68.

Senior Captain, Johnny Free swam in the Boys 100-meter Freestyle race. This race was tight and tense. Johnny fought for first place but fell into second with a time of 1:00.10. He put in an immense effort and did well for the team.

Another highlight of the meet was the Boys 100-meter Backstroke. The swimmer who took the cake with this race was Matthew Roush. He swam hard and pushed until the end. Roush finished first with a final time of 1:22.15.

Dakota Parker is a stringer for The Times-Gazette.

Dakota Parker

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