McClain drops a close game at home to Chillicothe 46-41


Friday evening the McClain boys varsity basketball team competed against the Chillicothe Cavaliers fighting hard to score as many baskets as possible. The game commenced with its signature toss and the Cavaliers stole the ball.

In the first quarter, Koby Penwell opened the game with a three-pointer; after this first shot, he succeeded in scoring another three-pointer. Soon the boys started to play a game of cat and mouse traveling back and forth between both ends of the court. Garrison Banks then rushed in scoring another three points for McClain. The first quarter ended with the opposing team at the head of the game. The score rested at 11-14 with two fouls on the Cavalier’s part.

In the second quarter, Landree Grey snagged the ball from the Cavaliers as one of their teammates went to shoot. Penwell had two fouls not too far from the 8-minute mark. He made the first basket and missed the second. Dakota Irvin scored four points with two two-point baskets.

As the third quarter pulled around Devin Carter scored eight points total making four two-point baskets. Grey also scored a two-point basket. The score at this point was 28-29 with one foul on the McClains part and two fouls on the Cavaliers part.

The fourth quarter was tense and many from the McClain team made a valiant effort to prevent the Cavaliers from further advancing on the scoreboard. Justin Osborne made the first basket on the McClains side for this quarter. The basket was a two-pointer, following that up Penwell got two more foul shots. He made both baskets. The game finished with the final score 41-46. McClain had eight fouls and the Cavaliers had five.

The leading scorer Friday night was Penwell, he managed to earn his team 14 points. Carter followed not too far behind netting the team 13 points.

McClain will be in action on Saturday when they host the Ironmen of Jackson.

(Box Score)

CHS: 14-6-9-17

MHS: 11-7-10-13

Chillicothe: B. Maughmer 3-4/6-10; W. Roderick 3-6; J. Maughmer 1(3)-11; S. Roderick 3-0/2-6; Benson (1)-3; Noel 3(1)-1/2-10

Totals: 13(5)-5/10-46

McClain: Penwell 1(3)-3/4-14; Carter 7-1/5-15; Osborne 1-2; Banks (2)-6; Irvin 2-4

Totals: 11(5)-4/9-41

Dakota Parker is a stringer for The Times-Gazette.

Devin Carter shoots a layup with a Chillicothe defender on his hip on Friday at McClain High School in FAC basketball action. Carter shoots a layup with a Chillicothe defender on his hip on Friday at McClain High School in FAC basketball action.

Dakota Parker

For The Times-Gazette

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