Another big cargo to pass through Hillsboro


A second massive tractor-trailer rig accompanied by several support vehicles was expected to pass through Hillsboro on Wednesday morning, Hillsboro Safety and Service Director Mel McKenzie said.

According to a South Central Power Company Facebook post, the convoy will be on a four-day trip from Manchester to the Circleville area.

“The delivery of the second wide load for Sofidel starts (Tuesday) at the Ohio River heading to Circleville. Members who had power outages during the first delivery will likely experience the same. If you did not have an power outage, you will likely not have an outage as a result of this week’s delivery,” the South Central post said.

The wide load was expected to stop just outside of Hillsboro on Tuesday evening.

South Central’s post said that according to the shipping company, the convoy was expected to depart Tuesday from Manchester and continue to Good News Gathering just south of Hillsboro on U.S. Route 62.

On the second day it was expected to travel from Good News Gathering to Bryant Farms just south of Washington C.H.

McKenzie said the cargo was expected to pass through the center of Hillsboro sometime after 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

It was expected to continue from Bryant Farms to Lighthouse Community Christian Church in Commercial Point on Thursday and arrive at its destination Friday.

On Jan. 25, a similar giant trailer carrying two large dryers from Tennessee that will be utilized at a new 1.4 million-square-foot tissue plant in Pickaway County that was supported by utility workers, state and local road crews, state highway patrol and local police personnel, passed through Hillsboro.

Onlookers dotted the landscape along the convoy’s route as it made its way through town, many taking pictures or video of the unusual parade.

Utility workers had to raise utility lines and traffic light poles for the cargo to pass under. In its entirety, the cargo and trailer were 150-feet long, 21-feet high and 23-feet wide, according to a story in the People’s Defender in West Union.

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