Adams joins state DD board


The Highland County Board of DD has announced the appointment of Karen Adams to the Ohio Association of County Boards of DD, joining their Board of Trustees beginning in 2018.

The appointment to the statewide association is the first time the Highland County Board of DD has had a board member serving in this capacity.

Adams has served on the Highland County DD Board since 2011. She began serving as the president of the board in 2017. Adams has a background in health care as a respiratory therapist and currently works as an administrator providing oversight in the medical field.

Adams’ interest in the field of developmental disabilities has been lifelong, growing up with a family member who is a current service recipient of the HCBDD.

When asked about Adams’ appointment to the OACB as a trustee, the HCBDD Superintendent Deb Buccilla said, “I am excited that Karen will now have the ability to represent the small counties in the state. A smaller county’s perspective is unique, and the issues are not the same as in a larger urban county. Karen’s representation will not only help Highland County, but also other counties similarly situated.”

Submitted by Kraig Walker, Community First director, Highland County Board of DD.

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