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Today marks the beginning of a new era in advertising and marketing for businesses in southwest Ohio with the launch of digitalAIM Media.

digitalAIM Media is a results-first digital advertising agency associated with AIM Media, publishers of the (Wilmington) News Journal, (Washington Court House) Record-Herald and The (Hillsboro) Times-Gazette.

“In today’s multiplatform advertising environment, it has become even more important for advertisers and marketers to reach an audience in the digital world as well as print,” said Bud Hunt, regional vice president for AIM Media Midwest. “Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) often don’t have the time or expertise to craft and manage successful digital advertising campaigns. However, because almost everyone has a cell phone, those same SMBs know they have to have a digital presence because that’s where their customers are. That’s where we can help.”

Amber Stebbins, has been named Digital Marketing manager for digitalAIM in southwest Ohio. She was promoted from the advertising sales team on the Wilmington News Journal to her new role.

Stebbins brings a solid background in digital products and services to the new agency, having worked for several years in the Dayton market. She has been in sales for over 17 years. For the past three years she has been part of the News Journal sales team where she said, “I have had a major focus on digital advertising and marketing, incorporating those strategies with print advertising to reach total market coverage.”

Stebbins added, “I really enjoy what I do and at the end of the day I am here to help businesses succeed.”

digitalAIM Media has an established team of media professionals with the talent to produce or enhance area businesses creative and technical communications needs. It has partnered with many of the top names in business and can take pride in having built loyal, long term relationships over the years. Among its clients in Texas, where the company was founded, are the City of McAllen and McAllen Convention and Visitors Bureau. Among its client-partners in Indiana are Indiana University Purdue University-Columbus and Johnson Memorial Health.

digitalAIM has the ability to target consumers who are actively searching for products and services of advertisers in this area.

“One of the things newspapers have learned is that our advertisers value the relationship we’ve built over the years working together. We’re finding that confidence crosses over to the internet and what happens with their advertising in the digital space, too,” Hunt noted.

“When it comes to digital advertising, digitalAIM can best be described as a one-stop shop,” Stebbins said. “Our job is to help your business or organization harness the full power and scale of the web, so you can get the results you expect. We’ll help you design, align, and execute your digital marketing strategy.”

On its website digitalAIM notes “We work for you by working with you. We make the complex simple through digital strategy and design. We create websites and marketing campaigns that move products as well as culture. We design and create digital campaigns that help companies engage their consumers, building brand awareness, making it part of the public conversation.

“Whether you are using a single digital channel or several, our reporting looks at your entire sales conversion process. Our unique attribution modeling tool tracks and evaluates your digital channels to ensure they’re working together to reach your goals. It also gives us insights and metrics that can help gauge your ROI and conversion paths. Through our analysis we can reveal key trends, hits/misses, and areas of opportunity that can help you maximize the value of your marketing investment.”

To arrange a no-cost, consultative meeting with Stebbins and learn more about expanding your reach with digital advertising and marketing contact your local sales representative at The Times-Gazette, 937-393-3456.


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