Spring has sprung for Hillsboro Garden Club


Vice President Shelly Rayburn called the March 27 meeting of the Hillsboro Garden Club to order with members standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a rendition of “God Bless America” led by member Ed Davis.

Roll call showed 16 members present, four absent and no guests. The roll call question was “What was the highlight of your January and February?” Members enjoyed their “time off” from gardening in many ways.

The gardening tip was “a good way to add nutrients to the soil is with Epsom salts which is made of magnesium and sulfate.”

Opening the business meeting, the club dispensed with the reading of the November meeting minutes. Treasurer Ruth Anna Duff reported a balance of $3,629.81.

Mary Smith brought the arrangement of the month. It was a bunch of lovely daffodils. Andrea Schneider brought a sprouting turnip.

The meeting turned to preparations for the Spring District 16 Regional Conference which the Hillsboro Garden Club will be hosting at the Old Ponderosa Banquet Hall in Hillsboro. Members had been asked to bring a small item for a gift basket which will be part of the silent auction at the regional conference on May 10. Larry, Connie and Ed will prepare the signs. Registration and doors prizes are covered. There followed a lengthy discussion during which pizza was delivered.

All members are asked to bring a breakfast item to the regional conference. Ruth Anna requested all sale items to be brought to the banquet hall, priced and ready to be displayed on Wednesday, the day before the conference.

There was no old or new business to be brought forward, so the meeting was adjourned. Refreshments were served by hostesses Nancy Sonner and Liz Stritenberger.

The next meeting will held April 24 in Floral Hall at the Highland County Fairgrounds. The program will be the Spring Plant Auction. This is an exciting opportunity to see and buy garden plants and items brought in by the members. The program will begin at 6:30 p.m. All gardeners are welcome to join the club members.

Submitted by Jennifer West, Hillsboro Garden Club.

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