Love triangles and a ‘thumping match’


As The Times-Gazette celebrates its 200th anniversary, we’ll take a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from back in the day.

This week in 1881, the Hillsborough Gazette reported two men got in a fight — in the paper’s words, “engaged in a thumping match on the street” — near Bell’s Foundry. The more aggressive of the two was sentenced to jail for 48 hours.

A Bainbridge man was killed in the second train accident in a week in Greenfield.

Kentucky bourbon, Monongahela rye whiskey and bottled beer were “always on hand and fresh” at I. Kaufmann & Co. in Hillsboro.

Carter’s Smart Weed was said to be the cure for back ache.

A man claiming to be a “Bible agent” conned a local publisher and fled town. The Union Army’s 6th Regiment was reportedly camping at Circleville. The Batchelor and Davis circus was set to come through Hillsboro in coming days.

In other local briefs: “Last Saturday was one of the dullest days of the year.” “The picnic at the fairgrounds on the Fourth promises to be an immense and very enjoyable affair.” “They do say the Springfield girls are lovely.”

A dispatch from Willettsville: “Some sickness.”

This week in 1952, the Hillsboro Press Gazette reported severe storms and a “junior-sized tornado” caused several thousand dollars in damages to property in the western and northern portions of the county.

A former Greenfield couple was found guilty of manslaughter after in an apparent love triangle. The woman was sentenced to five years in prison, and the man to three.

Sanitation efforts at Rocky Fork Lake were to be reviewed by state officials.

A fire destroyed a large barn in Willettsville.

From the “Highlighting Highland” section: “Hear tell of a local youngster who became all excited during a redhot western movie on television and proceeded to level off at the villain, or a reasonable facsimile, with his trusty BB gun. Damage, viewing screen and tube.”

Elisa Hansen, a home demonstration agent from Denmark, paid a visit to Highland County for a district field day at the Sanford Haigh farm.

Hogs loose on U.S. Route 62 caused a collision between a car and a truck. The drivers suffered minor injuries. The condition of the swine was not reported.

This week in 1976, the Press Gazette reported a fire destroyed a garage and car in Marshall.

A tornado was reportedly sighted in the northern part of the county on SR 28 between New Vienna and Highland. It did not touch down.

The Colony Theatre advertised showings of “Billy Jack” starring Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor.

Kentucky Fried Chicken advertised a nine-piece chicken dinner for $4.99.

The Vernon Brothers of Christian Television Mission in Missouri were set to sing at the upcoming God and Country gala in Hillsboro.

Press Gazette subscriptions were $7.80 for three months, $15.60 for six months and $31.20 for one year.

A Lynchburg man was sentenced to one to five years in prison after pleading guilty to selling amphetamine to an undercover agent with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. He was also charged with having bulk amounts of marijuana, but that charge was dropped as part of a plea agreement.

This week in 2001, The Times-Gazette reported more than 100 people visited a traveling “Time Machine” display sponsored by the History Channel at Southern State Community College. The portable museum featured interactive displays of historical events.

Artist Scott Hagen was sketching the outline for a large Ohio Bicentennial mural on a local barn despite heavy downpours.

There was reportedly no threat of poisoning from a chemical spill that shut down Cowan Lake in Clinton County for some time. According to the article, a train derailed on a trestle over Cowan Creek, dumping large quantities of a sodium hydroxide compound into the waterway, which in turn flowed into the lake.

In sports, Bud Marsh was hired as the new Hillsboro High School football coach. The Highland County shootout was set to take place at Hillsboro High School on a Saturday.

Ernie Blankenship was recognized as Rotarian of the Year by the Hillsboro Rotary Club.

The Hillsboro YMCA was set to begin construction.

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