Catfishing, jailbreaks and ‘making gestures’


As The Times-Gazette celebrates its 200th anniversary, we’ll take a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from back in the day.

This week in 1899, the Hillsboro News Herald reported John Street was almost impassable because much of the road had been washed away by rain. John Devitt asked city council to mend the situation, but since there was no money in the street fund, nothing was done.

One couple requested a divorce, with the wife accusing her husband of “idleness and dissipation and gross neglect of duty in failing to provide her with the common necessities of life.”

A woman died after keeling over suddenly at Shack’s Livery Stable. The doctors who examined her ruled the cause of death “acute inflammation of the stomach.”

A man in the Circleville area accidentally shot a woman as she was picking berries because he mistook her hand for a squirrel. She was not severely injured.

A couple at the Gist Settlement got into an argument and the man shot the woman in the face. The woman was expected to recover, but no arrests were made and the newspaper said the case “may probably never reach the courts.”

McKay’s Cafe in Hillsboro advertised the “best 25c meal ever served. Lunch, all kinds, day and night.” The “fine business lunch” was 15 cents.

A train ride to Mowrystown and back was only 45 cents.

This week in 1940, the News Herald reported an Arkansas man was on the loose after he sawed through the bars of his cell at the Highland County Jail and escaped. He had been incarcerated for stealing wool from a local resident.

A front page photo showed four generations of the Henry family – George Henry Sr., J.L. Henry, George Henry Jr. and Darrell Willis Henry.

Edna Holmes hurt her foot badly while cutting weeds with a sickle at her home in Rainsboro. The wound was said to be healing nicely.

Nelson Muntz and Dawson Barrere purchase the Leesburg Citizen and New Vienna Reporter from Mack Sauer.

The social pages included news briefs from Sassafras Corner, Union Chapel, Slabs Crossing, Calebs Hill and other locales.

Schaefer’s Supermarket advertised Beechnut coffee for 49 cents, peas for 11 cents, pink samon for 13 and a half cents, pulverized sugar for seven cents and spinach for 10 cents.

The Colony Theatre advertised showings of “The Pace That Kills,” starring Lois January and Noel Madison.

Morris Five and Dime advertised “Fly Ded” insect spray for 20 cents per pint.

This week in 1967, the Greenfield Daily Times, touting itself as “Highland County’s only daily newspaper,” reported a draft increase was likely due to lack of manpower in the Vietnam War.

A photo on the front page showed the Sohio station at the turn on SR 753 at New Petersburg. The caption said area residents called the curve in the road their “public square,” and some predicted growth in the area due to an increase in recreational activities at Paint Creek and Rattlesnake Creek.

Another photo showed Charles P. Mershon, who was known as New Petersburg’s oldest resident, outside his log home near the settlement. He was set to turn 92 in November.

A Kroger advertisement on “The Women’s Page” offered pork steaks for 59 cents per pound, ground beef for 49 cents per pound and boneless pork cube steak for 79 cents per pound.

Howard Reese and Frank “Pete” Cox of East Monroe were shown in another photo holding up a more than 25-pound catfish they caught in the deep pool at the East Monroe falls.

Greenfield Lumber Co. advertised roof spouting for 20 cents per foot and sheathing for $9.50 per 100 feet.

The Greenfield Daily Times wanted ads were “hotter than a firecracker,” according to one advertisement.

This week in 2011, The Times-Gazette reported a drug bust netted seven arrests, 11 indictments and 173 drug-related charges.

Greenfield residents presented a petition with 1,354 signatures opposing a new trash plan for the village that would add a trash bill to residents’ water bills.

“The Avengers,” a superhero movie, was reportedly filming at the Wilmington Air Park.

A man was sentenced to six years in prison for robbing Larry’s Party Shop at knifepoint.

Adena Greenfield Medical Center held its seventh annual Student Fun and Safety Fair in the hospital parking lot.

Two Greenfield men were sentenced to prison time for stealing golf carts from Buckeye Hills Country Club in Fayette County.

Some testimony was to be excluded in the trial of a man accused of shooting another man in the face in Hillsboro.

Sarah Young of Leesburg won the championship market lamb showmanship and outstanding market exhibitor titles for 10-year-olds at the Ohio State Fair.

Two teenagers were arrested for underage drinking after they were found riding down the street on an electric wheelchair and “making gestures” at people.

Reagan and Zach Rand and Carly and Andrew Taylor were shown in a front-page photo selling fresh lemonade on North West Street.

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