Food truck served near 22,000 meals


The food truck the Hillsboro City Schools operated for the second summer this year served nearly 22,000 meals from May to August, Superintendent Tim Davis said during his report at Monday’s Hillsboro Board of Education meeting.

Davis said that included 19,553 lunches and 2,394 breakfasts, or about 420 meals a day.

The superintendent credited Food Service Director Jessica Walker and her staff with providing a fantastic and positive service to the community.

“We were to the point where we wanted to break even and we’re doing better than that,” Davis said. “It helps kids, it helps parents, and the bottom line is it’s good for our community.”

The school district is reimbursed for the summer food program through a federal nutrition program, as long as it serves a certain number of meals. Hillsboro exceeded that number this year, the superintendent said.

Davis said that on Aug. 14, the day before students reported for their first day of school, the school staff went through a safety training session with the Hillsboro Police Department and both its resource officers. He said the teachers and officers went through drills and different scenarios that could come into play in the event of some type of emergency at the school.

“We made some changes to some of our safety things that day because we saw we had some deficiencies,” Davis said.

He thanked the police department and Chief Darrin Goudy for providing the session, and said it was beneficial for both school district and police department.

Board member Larry Lyons said he attended the training session and thought it was excellent.

“The teachers seemed very interested, and from an outside person looking in, I commend you and the chief for putting that together,” Lyons told Davis.

Lyons also asked about the status of new security cameras the school district has and continues to install inside and outside its buildings.

“All the high school outside cameras are up and running and we have to get the other cameras from the high school up to the elementary,” Davis said.

He said the school district is trying to work out a system where the police department could remotely link into the cameras. He said those monitoring the new cameras can zoom in and, “do a lot of other things that are really going to help our security.”

The school district has cemented in the retaining walls and mulch areas at Richards Memorial Field, Davis said, and is working to fix erosion issues that are creating washed out areas beneath the bleachers at the football field.

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Hillsboro Board of Education members Tom Milbery (center) and Beverly Rhoads (right) look on as Superintendent Tim Davis talks at Monday’s board meeting. Board of Education members Tom Milbery (center) and Beverly Rhoads (right) look on as Superintendent Tim Davis talks at Monday’s board meeting.
Hillsboro schools staff recently underwent safety training

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