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Editor’s note — As The Times-Gazette celebrates its 200th anniversary, we’ll take a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from back in the day.

This week in 1870, the Highland Weekly News reported the Highland County Fair began on a Wednesday. “The number of entries is quite large, the weather pleasant, and the prospect favorable for a successful exhibition,” the article said.

An advertisement for S.W. Creed’s store at the corner of High Street and Walnut Street in Hillsboro shouted, “War in Europe! But peace and plenty at home! Fresh groceries of every variety sold cheap for cash.”

A man who attacked a woman with scalding liquid was in jail on $500 bond. The victim was recovering.

Tuition at the Oakland Female Seminary in Hillsboro was $48 per year. If all was paid in advance, it was $40.

In classifieds: “25 stone-breakers wanted! Immediately, on the Hillsboro and Samantha Turnpike.”

Dr. Walker’s California Vinegar Bitters were advertised as “the great medical discovery!!… What are they? They are not vile.”

This week in 1943, the Hillsboro Press-Gazette reported Mrs. Rosa Burns of New Market heard from her son, Sgt. James W. Burns, that he was deployed somewhere in Sicily. “He said he was well, but could not tell anything about the place… it was not like home to him,” the article said.

Mrs. Tabitha Holmes celebrated her 92nd birthday at home in Samantha and commemorated the occasion by making a quilt.

A back-to-school advertisement for Kaufman’s Bargain Store said, “Send them back to school with a smile.”

The Colony Theatre advertised showings of “Destroyer,” starring Edward G. Robinson; “Dixie,” starring Bing Crosby; and “This is the Army,” by Irving Berlin were coming soon.

Peanut butter was 31 cents per jar at A&P Self Service. Silverbrook butter was 47 cents per pound, 8 O’Clock coffee was 41 cents for two pounds and braunschweiger was 31 cents per pound.

Social briefs ran under the header, “Social happenings — personals — news of interest to women.”

This week in 1981, the Press-Gazette reported organizers from the Highland County Family YMCA gathered at the Wooden Spoon for a membership drive kickoff breakfast.

The Highland County Commissioners signed off on an agreement with the state for road work, discussed a pending ditch petition and signed a resolution in support of the YMCA program.

A front-page photo showed a painting of Barrett Mill prior to its destruction by fire.

The Colony Theatre advertised showings of “The Empire Strikes Back,” an installment of the Star Wars franchise.

Rick Tuttle was the editor of the newspaper, H.E. Barnes was the publisher, and James Hardin was the business manager. The paper was published every afternoon except Saturday and Sunday. It was 70 cents per week by city carrier, 80 cents per week by motor route carrier and 20 cents per single copy. By mail, the paper was $41.60 per year.

The Fireside Inn at Allensburg advertised beef burgundy and sirloin tip as its Saturday special.

Convenient Food Market advertised Kahn’s Weiners for $1.69 per pound, Coke for $1.49 per eight-pack (plus deposit) and Dean’s Dip for 89 cents.

Members of the Hillsboro High School class of 1961 held their 20th reunion.

This week in 2016, The Times-Gazette reported local radio personality Herb Day was leaving Hillsboro’s Buckeye Country/WSRW radio station, where he began in 1975. Day now writes a regular column for the T-G.

The Highland County Fair kicked off under “clear skies and light breezes.” Quinn Walker and Braden Heizer were crowned fair queen and king.

A design for a mural for the Highland County Administration Building was unveiled, showing unique buildings from locales around the county.

Twenty-one laptops stolen from Wilmington City Schools were found in a Highland County graveyard.

In sports, the McClain Tigers suffered a 42-41 loss to Unioto in Friday night football action.

Political cartoons on the opinion pages riffed the 2016 presidential election.

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