Broken hips, umbrellas and ‘cocaine kids’


Editor’s note — As The Times-Gazette celebrates its 200th anniversary, we’ll take a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from back in the day.

This week in 1892, the Hillsborough Gazette reported a Hillsboro man was “blown over” onto the sidewalk during a wind storm, fracturing his thigh bone inside the socket – the paper went into great detail – and he was not expected to recover well. The man, “being quite old and weak from disease, has a small chance to recover and will probably be confined to his chair during the remainder of his life,” the newspaper reported.

An insane man arrested in Greenfield was lodged in the county infirmary until he became too violent to control. Judge Kelley ordered him transferred to an asylum.

An advertisement for Lane’s Medicine showed a woman drinking from a mug with the caption, “At bedtime I take a pleasant Herb Drink. The next morning I feel bright and new and my complexion is better.”

Cloaks in grey, black, blue and tan were $12.50 at Charles Richards’ store.

The Great Wallace Show, a “colossal English circus,” was set to come through town on a weekday. The ad showed a woman leaping from a hot air balloon holding an umbrella as a parachute in what the paper called “the most sensational and terrific double balloon ascension and parachute jump ever attempted in the history of the country.”

In news from Petersburg, “the trustees are having the roads graveled under the new law… our town is improving some.”

This week in 1945, the Hillsboro Press-Gazette reported three men from Chattanooga, Tenn., were being held at the Highland County Jail to await federal authorities after they confessed to armed robbery and various thefts between here and Chattanooga. The trio was nabbed in Leesburg.

A local woman lost her balance and fell, breaking her hip. A man injured his hand in Greenfield when he caught it in a shaver at the Waddell Co. in Greenfield.

In sports, the Hillsboro Indians were set to hit the gridiron in a matchup with the Circleville Tigers in their first loop game of the 1945 season. The admission for home games was cut by “the enormous sum of $.01, or a lone cent.”

Farmers were advised to delay planting their wheat to avoid “serious losses” due to Hessian flies.

The Colony Theatre advertised showings of “Over 21,” starring Irene Dunn, Alexander Knox and Charles Coburn.

A&P Self Service advertised chuck roast for 26 cents per pound, veal shoulder roast for 25 cents per pound, ground beef for 25 cents per pound and frying chickens for 45 cents per pound.

Ladies’ hats in various styles — “so young and becoming!” — were advertised at Litt Bros. from $2.98 to $5.98.

This week in 1983, the Press-Gazette reported two fugitives known as the “cocaine kids” had been picked up in Costa Rica and were being extradited to Highland County to answer for drug charges.

Authorities were continuing their investigation into a murder on Selph Road.

The owner of a Rocky Fork Lake area go-cart track was facing a lawsuit after an accident and fire in August.

The Victorian Wooden Spoon advertised daily chef’s specials, including broasted fish, broasted pork chops and shrimp buffet.

Phil Bieler and Kim Baldridge were listed on the education page as the Hillsboro High School seniors of the week.

The Colony Theatre advertised showings of “The Golden Seal.”

Frisch’s advertised the return of pumpkin pies, “just like Granny used to make.”

A brief rain shower one morning broke a late-summer drought, but unusually high temperatures were expected to return in coming days.

This week in 2014, The Times-Gazette reported the Paint Township firehouse was completed.

A proposed dog park for Hillsboro was the topic of discussion at a council committee meeting.

In sports, the Hillsboro Lady Indians soccer team evened their league record to 2-2 after a 9-1 victory over McClain.

Power boat races at Rocky Fork Lake were set to last three days instead of two for the first time.

A Greenfield man was sentenced to four years for assault on a police officer.

The Paxton Theatre in Bainbridge was under new ownership and in the middle of an entertainment season featuring popular acts “performed in a modern, renovated setting.”

Greenfield’s fourth annual Oktoberfest was coming to the village over the weekend.

A periodic feature by Karen Ruhl described a country drive around Highland County.

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