Hillsboro Police Department reports


The Hillsboro Police Department weekly statistics for Sept. 24-28 include: 340 calls received, three 911 calls, one offense report, six crashes investigated, 26 arrests made, one drug-related arrest and 119 security checks completed.

The types of arrests were: three bench warrants, six speed, one contributing,one disorderly conduct, one OVI, two driving under suspension, two failure to maintain control, one possession of drugs, one mrked lanes, two assured cear distance ahead, two failure to yield, one improper backing, one no turn signal, one public intoxication, one open flask.

Weekend stats from Saturday, Sept. 29 until Sunday, Sept. 30 included: 87 calls received, two 911 calls received, two offense reports, three crashes investigated, 11 arrests made, 36 security checks completed.

The types of arrests included: four bench warrants, one assured clear distance ahead, one traffic control device, two driving under suspension, one no license plate, on OVI and one blocking the street.

The police department also released the following information:


Christopher Hertzler, 34, of Hillsboro, was issued a citation for driving under suspensionand a license plate light violation, and was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

Jesse Haas, 29, of Hillsboro, was issued a citation for failure to obey a traffic control device.


On Sept. 29 at approximately 12:41 p.m., the police department responded to a report of a two-car crash in the 400 block of South High Street. Upon arrival, Patricia Winland, 48, of Hillsboro, was traveling south on South High Street and struck the vehicle in front of her being operated by Ruth Branscom, 65, of Columbus. No injuries were reported on scene. Winland was issued a citation for assured clear distance ahead.

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