Southern Hills Athletic Conference releases All-League nominees


The Southern Hills Athletic Conference released the All-League nominees for boys and girls cross country, boys and girls soccer and volleyball.

Below are the full lists of All-SHAC teams in each sport and the corresponding coach of the year for each.

Boys Soccer

James Bentley Fairfield

Blake Marcelino Lynchburg-Clay

Colton Bone Fayetteville

Colt Parker West Union

Ryan Boone Eastern

Damin Pierson Lynchburg-Clay

Andrew Brand North Adams

Drew Pitzer Lynchburg-Clay

Weston Browning Peebles

Jaki Royal Ripley

Conner Campbell West Union

Mike Schmid Eastern

Darren Coday North Adams

Gavin Stroop Lynchburg-Clay

Corey Germann Ripley

Colton Vaughn Eastern

Duncan Hesler North Adams

Cole Wagner North Adams

Jaden Hesler North Adams

Chris Young Lynchburg-Clay

Coach Of The Year: Jason West—Lynchburg-Clay High School

Girls Soccer

Isabelle Brinkman Lynchburg-Clay

Trinity Huff Fairfield

Hope Brown Peebles

Heidi Hunter West Union

Karissa Buttelwerth North Adams

Reagan Leonard Eastern

Kali Cochran Lynchburg-Clay

Kaylee Lunsford Lynchburg-Clay

Riley Creditt Lynchburg-Clay

Taylor Mechlin Fayetteville

Alaina Eiterman North Adams

Morgan Reynolds Eastern

Kailee Fisher Ripley

Peyton Scott Lynchburg-Clay

Lilly Gray Peebles

Mary Sonner North Adams

Jamie Hoover Eastern

Lyndee Spargur Fairfield

Coach Of The Year: Dennis West—Lynchburg-Clay High School


Lauren Arnold Fairfield

Kamryn Magee Fairfield

Taylor Dotson Eastern

Madison Piece Peebles

Delaney Harper North Adams

Abby Pitzer Lynchburg-Clay

Layla Hattan Fairfield

Kiersten Rowe West Union

Jacey Justice Peebles

Wylie Shipley North Adams

Brooke Kennedy Manchester

Kylie Sims Peebles

Sydni King Eastern

Aaliyah Smith Manchester

Macy Knoblach Whiteoak

Alisa Stahl Fayetteville

Brooke Laymon Lynchburg-Clay

Hannah Wiederhold Fayetteville

Coach Of The Year: Lesley Hattan Fairfield High School

Boys Cross Country

Brandtson Duffie 16:54 Fairfield

Austin Setty 17:06 Fairfield

Cohen Frost 17:26 Fairfield

Bennett Hodson 17:35 Fairfield

Cy Young 17:36 Eastern

Ethan Davis 17:38 Fairfield

Hunter Morgan 17:44 Whiteoak

Owen Young 17:52 Eastern

Gavin Campbell 17:55 Fairfield

Steven Runyan 17:58 West Union

Blake Haines 18:16 Fairfield

Landyn Pickerill 18:20 Eastern

Avery Reynolds 18:35 Eastern

Atlee Carr 18:46 Whiteoak

Brant Haines 19:04 Fairfield

Coach Of The Year: Raymond Friend—-Fairfield High School

Runner Of The Year: Brandtson Duffie—Fairfield High School

Girls Cross Country

Jenny Seas 19:09 Peebles

Ciara Colwell 20:07 Fairfield

Katy Seas 20:43 Peebles

Adelyn Shupert 21:39 West Union

Raelynn Ruble 21:51 Lynchburg-Clay

Camryn Pickerill 22:07 Eastern

Megan Gragg 22:23 Fairfield

Alisan Behr 22:33 Peebles

Kierra Stone 22:35 Peebles

Bailey Dotson 22:43 Eastern

Cecilia Murphy 22:45 Fayetteville

Alexa Rowe 22:47 West Union

Morgan Richmond 22:49 Fairfield

Anna Davis 22:52 Fairfield

Caitlyn Wills 22:59 Eastern

Coach Of The Year: Alex Hall —-PEEBLES High School

Runner Of The Year: Jenny Seas—Peebles High School

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