A once in a lifetime experience


Hello, everyone. My name is Gloria Peters and I am the 2017 Miss Fall Festival of Leaves.

My reign has officially come to an end and I just want to share how wonderful my year has been and say a tremendous thank you to the people who have made this year so enjoyable. Over the past year I have traveled 4,500 miles and visited 27 different festivals. While each of these festivals was beautiful, none of them compared to the Fall Festival of Leaves, or to Bainbridge. I love this town and this festival.

Traveling all over Ohio was such a great and memorable experience, but the further I got from our festival, the more I realized just how wonderful it truly is and I grew to love it more than I originally thought I could. I am so thankful and humbled to have had the opportunity to proudly tell others about the Fall Festival of Leaves and invite them to enjoy it in the way that I know I always have.

My year has been nothing short of amazing, but none of it could be possible without these truly incredible people. Eileen Hatfield does a great job at keeping all records and making sure everything I needed was in order. She is one of the sweetest women I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Next is Bobbi Blanton and Vicky Mettler. This mother daughter duo have hearts of gold, keep our pageant running to the highest standard, and make it extremely fun. They have been so helpful with any questions I have had and have been just as excited about my reign as I have been. I also want to say a thank you to everyone who assists in making sure our festival always runs smoothly and keeping it so beautiful.

If you are at the festival be sure to stop by the festival office and let the people in there know you appreciate them and their efforts.

Lastly, I want to thank my father, John Peters. He has been nothing short of the ultimate father. He has always been up for anything I have wanted or needed to make sure my queen experience was something I would always hold close to my heart. There are so many people who have given me undying love and support throughout this journey and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

I am thankful for my year as Miss Fall Festival of Leaves and will always look back on it fondly. I hope that everyone enjoys their visit to Bainbridge and the Fall Festival of Leaves. I believe it will become something you will return to every year. Thank you to everyone for making this such a great year. Representing this festival has been so wonderful and truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Gloria Peters is the 2017 Miss Fall Festival of Leaves.

Outgoing Miss Fall Festival of Leaves Gloria Peters stands next to the FFL logo.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2018/10/web1_FFL-Queen.jpgOutgoing Miss Fall Festival of Leaves Gloria Peters stands next to the FFL logo.
2017 Fall Festival of Leaves queen bids farewell

By Gloria Peters

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