Medicare prescription plan help in Greenfield


Charla Mathuews will provide free Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Open Enrollment assistance in Greenfield through Dec. 7.

As most seniors now know, open enrollment started on Oct. 15 and will remain open until Dec. 7. This open enrollment time will give seniors opportunity to take a look at heir current prescription drug plans to make sure it is the right fit for their needs.

It is important to evaluate your Medicare Part D plan every year. Your plan benefits can change including your premium, deductibles, pharmacy benefits and coverage. Having the cheapest plan this year may not be the cheapest plan for next year.

When comparing plans things to consider and that you should ask include:

* Is your current pharmacy considered a “preferred” pharmacy; or if your plan has a preferred pharmacy in network? When your plan has a preferred pharmacy drugs tend to be much cheaper than a standard pharmacy.

* You will want to make sure all of your medications are on your plan’s formulary. Choosing a cheap plan that does not cover all of your medications will be more costly at the end.

* If you qualify for assistance — there is extra help for those that qualify.

* What the total cost will be monthly-annually in comparison.

* Ways to lower your cost with generics or lower cost brands.

* Mail order opportunities.

There are several options that provide free assistance to help seniors compare their plans such as Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) at 1-800-686-1578, your local pharmacy, 1-800-Medicare or you can call Edgewood Manor of Greenfield to make an appointment with Mathuews. She has helped hundreds of seniors since the inception of the Medicare program in 2006. Mathuews will evaluate your current plan by entering your medication into the website and comparing plans with and without deductibles, compare monthly premiums and overall cost. Plan comparisons are free and unbiased and usually take about 30 minutes. Call 937-981-2165.

Submitted by Charla Mathuews.

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