Which path will your student take?


“All roads lead to Rome,” according to the medieval proverb. That is, travelers can take a variety of paths and all end up at the same place.

Education can be seen in the same way. Students learn in different ways, at different times, and in different settings.

Some are comfortable with verbal teaching; others thrive through experiential learning. That philosophy is shown in Ohio’s graduation standards — at http://bit.ly/334uV48 — which spell out several possibilities for earning a high school diploma.

Graduates, too, have a multitude of options that will lead them to success in life.

Career-technical education — provided in southwest Ohio by career centers like Great Oaks, Warren County Career Center, Butler Tech, Grant Career Center, Southern Hills, and others — is one such option.

An increasing number of students, parents and community leaders recognize that this is a valuable road, one that leads to meaningful careers, further educational opportunities, and a solid future.

An upcoming Ohio PBS special, “The Career Path Less Taken,” explores the transformation in education happening across the state and around the country.

The documentary, which launches on September 5 and is produced locally by CET, is described as a way “to explore new ways of thinking about education and the world of work.”

It’s part of the American Graduate series. Great Oaks staff, parents, and students talk about their experiences and their journeys. I encourage you to watch. Learn more about it at http://bit.ly/2yvhBHK .

All educational paths lead eventually to careers.

Which path will your student take?

Harry Snyder is President/CEO of Great Oaks Career Campuses.


Harry Snyder

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