Wonder Woman to the rescue! Main St. Tux Bridal & More now open


Main St. Tux Bridal & More’s manager Diana Waldman’s maiden name was Wonder Woman’s secret identity, Diana Prince, and though she doesn’t consider herself a super hero, she may seem like one to starry eyed brides and nervous grooms who come in looking for help with that special day and at the same time, save some money.

While Jo Hall-McFarland is the owner of the building and has been in the tuxedo rental business for over three decades with Geno’s Formal Affair, she and Waldman together bring a wealth of experience to assist new brides and grooms with looking their best when they walk down the aisle.

“It’s really very simple to get started,” she said. “The customer comes in and browses our catalog to pick out what they like, and we measure them, of course, and then we order the tuxes.”

She said the week of their event, they come to try on their formal attire and if something isn’t quite right, a replacement can be ordered for arrival the following day.

“If six are in the wedding party, the groom is free,” she said. “If it’s a larger wedding and you’ve more than six in the party, the groom is still free and the ring-bearer is half off, and the shoes are included, too.”

Realizing that the price of a wedding gown can rival that of a used car, Waldman said that they do sell bridal gowns, but they are consignments which can mean substantial savings for that young couple just starting out.

“The majority of them are new and still have the tags on them,” she said. “For one reason or another, the weddings didn’t happen, but we don’t just do weddings, we have prom and homecoming dresses, too.”

A quick check of their gown selection shows a beautiful dress that would make her prom date do a double-take priced at $80, all the way up to an elegant gown designed to dazzle her husband-to-be that was priced at $1,250, and now is $899.

Main St. Tux Bridal & More is a full service store, she said, adding that Hall-McFarland also makes the boutonnieres and is a skilled flower arranger with a flair for bridal bouquets.

Also adorning the racks is a large selection of dresses for the bridesmaids, flower girl and the mother and grandmother of the bride, but she said with the Highland County Fair just around the corner, they have the designer jeans and “blingy” belts and accessories for those who show at the fair, too.

But it’s that special day in a woman’s life when she walks down the aisle and all eyes are fixed upon her, she said, that her shop likes to focus on, and that there’s a magic to the moment.

“When the girls come in and they find “The Dress,” they just light up and everything is magical from then on—when they put that dress on and they know that that’s it, they get a glow about them and that’s the happiest thing about a wedding when they literally fall in love with that dress.

Main St. Tux Bridal & More is at 140 W. Main St. in Hillsboro and is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday’s 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

She said that though it’s always better to just drop in and visit them in person, they can be reached at 937-402-4044 or on the web at www.MainStTuxBridalMore.com

Reach Tim Colliver at 937-402-2571

Main St. Tux Bridal & More’s manager Diana Waldman holding the train of one of the many beautiful gowns at her store at 140 W. Main St. in Hillsboro.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2019/08/web1_Diana-Waldman.jpgMain St. Tux Bridal & More’s manager Diana Waldman holding the train of one of the many beautiful gowns at her store at 140 W. Main St. in Hillsboro. Tim Colliver | The Times-Gazette
Main St. Tux Bridal & More now open

By Tim Colliver


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