Recorder’s fees will increase in October


Highland County Recorder Chad McConnaughey has announced that effective in mid October there will be an increase in fees charged for most documents in the office due to the enactment of House Bill 88.

Currently, the recorder’s office charges $28 for the first one or two pages, plus $8 for each additional page. Effective Oct. 17 of this year, the fee will increase to $34 for the first one or two pages, while the fee for additional pages will remain thew same at $8.

McConnaughey said the increase in fees was not mandated by his office.

“We were told that this was mainly pushed by the Ohio Housing Trust Fund because they needed more money. At least that’s what we’ve been told,” McConnaughey said.

He said the fees will be applicable to deeds, mortgages, easements, land contracts, the release of mortgages and other documents too numerous to list.

However, he said the new fee schedule will not pertain to federal tax liens and plats.

Half of the $6 increase per document will go to Highland County, while the other half will go to the Ohio Housing Trust Fund, according to McConnaughey.

“We wanted to get this information out to the public so they will know before they walk into the office in October,” McConnaughey said.

Following is a sample of the recording fees:

1-2 pages — $34

3 pages —$42

4 pages —$50

5 pages —$58

6 pages — $66

7 pages — $74

8 pages — $82

9 pages — $90

10 pages —$98

A $4 marginal fee and standardization guidelines still apply, McConnaughey said.

For additional information, McConnaughey said local residents can call his office at 937-393-9957 or see Ohio Revised Code sections 317.32 and 317.36.

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By Jeff Gilliland

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