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Two write-in candidates have filed to run for mayor of Hillsboro against Republican candidate Justin Harsha in the November general election, but a hearing has been scheduled challenging the residency of one of the write-in candidates.

The two write-in candidates are Phillip Loveless, a former Yellow Springs resident who recently moved to Hillsboro and says he is a minister with the Universal Life Church, and Antony Weissmann, who was recently fired as Hillsboro building inspector.

Harsha is a Hillsboro City Council member whose father was a longtime mayor in the city.

The Highland County Board of Elections announced Thursday that it will hold a “challenge hearing” regarding Weissmann’s residency at 9 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 22 at the board of of elections office.

The board of elections provided the following list of other candidates who have filed to run in general elections:

Partisan races


Auditor — Alex Butler, Republican

Law Director — Fred J. Beery, Republican

Treasurer (for an unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2021) — Heather Young, Democrat

President of council (for an unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2021) — Jim Cameron, Democrat; Thomas G. Eichinger, Republican.

Non-partisan races


Council (three to be elected) — Brenda Losey, Mark Branham


Mayor — Julia Crabtree, Jeremy Kibbey

Council (two to be elected) — Andrew Mackan, Tim Williams


Mayor — Shawn C. Priest

Council (two to be elected) — Blythe Pelham, Rita J. Smith-Daulton, Kenneth W. Worley


Mayor — James A. Burton

Council (two to be elected) — Marty Bailey, Ken Eaglin


Mayor — Stephen M. Sheeley

Council (two to be elected) — No candidate filed

Sinking Spring

Mayor — No candidate filed

Council (two to be elected) — No candidate filed

Non-partisan township races

(one person is to be elected to each position)


Trustee — David L. Chaney

Fiscal officer — Angela Crum, Betty J. McElwee


Trustee — James P. Massey

Fiscal officer — Pat Winkle


Trustee — JD Ogden, Gary L. Shannon

Fiscal officer — Karen S. Schroeder


Trustee — Marvin Resibois

Fiscal officer — Kristy Warner


Trustee — Andy Caldwell

Trustee (for unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2021) — Kenny Stevens Jr.

Fiscal officer — Patrick A. Hagen


Trustee — Nathan D. Mootz

Fiscal officer — Kimberly A. Walker

New Market

Trustee — Dick Barrera

Fiscal officer — Susie Burns, Sara Surber, Darrell Warnock II


Trustee — Randy Mustard

Fiscal officer — Karen J. Rumbaugh


Trustee — Daryl Bumgarner

Fiscal officer — Jason Davis


Trustee — David L. Hamilton

Fiscal officer — Jamie Wells


Trustee — Nathan Brown

Fiscal officer — John W. Henize


Trustee — Arthur Harless, Gary W. Reno

Fiscal officer — Vic Gall


Trustee — Fred Yochum

Fiscal officer — Wayne Ferguson

Non-partisan school board races

Bright Local

School board (three to be elected) — John D. Gillespie, Tammy Hauke, Jobey Lucas

Fairfield Local

School board (three to be elected) — Ron Friend, John Welling, Shawn Willey

Greenfield Exempted

School board (two to be elected) — Jason Allison, Greg Barr, Elizabeth Carson-Murphy, Sandy Free, Eric R. Wise

Hillsboro City

School board (two to be elected) — Tom Milbery, Bill Myers

Lynchburg-Clay Local

School board (three to be elected) — Bobbie Jo Ernst, April Flowers, Brad Hess, Bret E. Malone


* Clay Township, renewal, maintaining and operating cemeteries, 0.5 mills for five years.

* Lynchburg Area Joint Fire & Ambulance District, replacement, fire protection and emergency medical services, 1.2 mills for five years.

* Marshall Township, replacement, fire protection, 3.9 mills for five years.

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Candidates who have filed for general election listed

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