Indians defeat Williamsburg


It was a battle between two teams that wanted the victory Friday night. Williamsburg coming into the dual undefeated against the Hillsboro Indians whom had only lost one game in this young season.

The Indians would pull off a very strong played second half to come away with the 14-9 win after being behind the whole first half of the game.

Hillsboro would play this game missing several key starters of their team due to injuries. The Indians would not start out playing with the same energy as usual when coming up against a Williamsburg team that had the same ground and pound mentality as the Indians.

The Wildcats would start the game running the ball consistently against Hillsboro that would fight them every yard they received in the first quarter. Hillsboro’s Kai Rickman would get a tackle for loss of eight yards with 10:07 in the first quarter. Williamsburg would continue pushing it down the field but would fail to complete a pass and would have to kick a field goal with 7:18 left in the first quarter. The Indians would fail to move the ball in the first quarter and would fumble the ball two times, it would end 3-0 after the first quarter.

Williamsburg would control the ball for most of the second quarter with their running game and would score a touchdown and miss a field goal to end the second quarter making it 9-0 with Hillsboro kneeling the ball to get into half time. They would revamp their game plan second half of the game which they would do a complete 180 and come out and with a running package of the quarterback Justin Spears and running back Keith Doughman, running back Mark Gallimore who no one believed was going to be healthy to play against the Wildcats. The Hillsboro Indians would then control the whole second half with huge rushing attacks and a touchdown and field goal with 8:53 left in the third quarter making it 9-7. Hillsboro would then recover a fumble with 5:32 left but would turn around and fumble the ball also to end the third quarter.

Williamsburg would lose the ball on downs and would also have to punt the ball away another time. The Indians would get the ball with 6:41 left and they would control every last minute of the game until they would score a touchdown sealing their fate with 15 seconds left in the game. The Wildcats would try a trick play to get the ball moved down the field but would fail and Hillsboro would take the victory.

Hillsboro will be on the road to face Clermont Northeastern Sept. 29, at 7:00 P.M.

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Hillsboro’s Keith Doughman fighting for yardage early in the game against the Wildcats’s Keith Doughman fighting for yardage early in the game against the Wildcats
Hillsboro fights back and takes the lead in the last half against the Wildcats

By Tate Erkenbrecher

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