Teen who made gun threats will remain in detention


A 14-year-old male who allegedly threatened to bring a gun to Hillsboro High School was in court once more on Wednesday.

Highland County Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Greer ruled that the defendant should be restrained for the hearing.

This was the juvenile’s second appearance before the judge and the court’s focus was on whether or not the teen should remain at the juvenile detention center in Chillicothe or be released to great-grandparents, whom he has been living with for at least the last year, according to testimony, while awaiting trial.

Greer ruled that due to the severity of the threat, the teen will remain in detention.

“The court’s seen several threats of this nature in the last few years, but rarely have we seen one this severe,” Greer said.

The case stems from an incident where the youth is alleged to have made threats to bring a weapon to Hillsboro High School and that certain individuals were going to be targeted.

Greer said that, according to an arresting officer under oath, the teen had named targets and stated he had access to a gun. It was also alleged that the teen warned several people to not be at the school on a specific day.

Criminal charges of aggravated menacing and inducing panic were formally filed against the 14-year-old on Sept. 26 by Prosecuting Attorney Anneka Collins in Highland County Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Division. The teen has been at the Chillicothe Juvenile Detention Center since he was arrested on Sept. 21.

Defense Attorney Bill Armintrout told the judge on Wednesday that the State of Ohio has offered a deal, though Armintrout said he hasn’t had an opportunity to explore it with the teen or his family. Greer stated that a time and date for a trial will be scheduled, but in the meantime, the attorneys will meet to attempt to come up with a resolution before the trial date.

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Defense attorney says state has offered a deal

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