Tough loss for the Tribe


Hillsboro Indians stepped on Richards Memorial Field for the last time this season on Oct. 25, to face an undefeated Jackson Ironmen team in Frontier Athletic Conference play.

The Tribe takes a 42-3 loss to Jackson.

Jayden Spires and company took the game by storm and the Indians could not stop them. Jackson handed the ball to Spires and he ran a total of 20 yards in just the first procession of the game, however Brice Graham scored the first touchdown with a five yard rush and the Ironmen made an extra point with 9:51 left in the first quarter. Hillsboro was down 7-0 quick into the first quarter and failed to get anything going. Mark Gallimore and Logan Hester rushed the ball for Hillsboro on the procession but ended it in with a punt. Spires tallied up 29 yards in the second procession but Jacob Winters came away with a 19 yard rush for the touchdown with 5:29 left and extra point, making the score 14-0 left in the first quarter. Macon Perrill picked off a pass from Justin Spears to give Jackson the ball back. Graham and Spires rushed the ball for 25 yards combined but Gavin Temple intercepted a random pass opportunity that Jared Icenhower took with 1:23 left in the first. Hillsboro failed to move the ball to end the first and started the second quarter with a punt.

Jackson controlled the second quarter also, starting off with a 15 yard reception by Brice Parks and 50 yards rushing by Jayden Spires and a 20 yard run by Icenhower for the touchdown and extra point with 9:48 left, 21-0 Jackson. The Indians had yet another three and out procession but Jackson couldn’t control the ball in their next procession leading to a great play by Silas Simmons leading to a fumble recovered by Sanchez Seals. Gallimore had 17 yards total next procession, Spears had three yards, and Logan Hester had an eight yard run but ultimately ending with a interception by Spears to end the first half for Hillsboro.

The Indians had the idea to run the ball as much as possible even if it was just short yardage to start out the third quarter, Mark Gallimore had seven carries and a total of 26 yards but nothing came out of the running game and it led to a turnover after wasting almost 6 minutes of the third quarter.Spires was out for blood with yet another touchdown and extra point for the Ironmen, the score was 28-0 with 3:41 left in the third quarter. Logan Hester had a 10 yard run but next play the ball was recovered on a fumble, giving Jackson the ball back. Jayden Spires scored the last touchdown of the third quarter with an extra point, giving the the lead 35-0 to the end the quarter and to start the nonstop clock rule to begin the fourth quarter. Hayden Hawk received a 41 yard pass from Justin Spears but could not accomplish anything from it other than to keep from being shut out with a three point conversion by Brock Haines to make the score 35-3. Brice Graham showed no mercy as he came back immediately with a 54 yard touchdown to make the lead 46-3 with 2:36 left. Hillsboro finished the game with a fumble and Jackson sealed the victory by running the clock out.

“We had trouble with consistency all year and lacked numbers as a team so we got tired and couldn’t fill in behind the player.” said Coach O’Rourke

“We had a great group of seniors, who had been playing at varsity level together since they were sophomores and it’s tough for them to go out on a loss.” said O’Rourke

Hillsboro are now 3-6 and Jackson went all to become 9-0 after this FAC matchup.

The Indians will be taking on county rival the McClain Tigers(2-8) at McClain football field and the Ironmen are home against the Chillicothe Cavaliers(4-5) on Nov. 1.

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Hillsboro Indians seniors L-R Zach Burns, Draven Stodgel, Logan Hester, and Justin Spears walking out as captains for the coin flip on their last football game at Richards Memorial Field shown in photo above Indians seniors L-R Zach Burns, Draven Stodgel, Logan Hester, and Justin Spears walking out as captains for the coin flip on their last football game at Richards Memorial Field shown in photo above Tate Erkenbrecher | The Times-Gazette
Hillsboro Indians end home schedule on a sour note in 42-3 loss to Jackson

By Tate Erkenbrecher [email protected]

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