Rotary Bowl’s 35th anniversary


In a season that had a lot of high hopes and goals for the Highland County football programs, the Hillsboro Indians(3-6) and the McClain Tigers(2-7) did not come out with the season that they had intended on having.

Both teams ended up having very rough seasons coming into the 10th week of the 2019 season but records are out the window when it comes to the local rivalry that these two teams have with each other.

This game is for the bragging right that these student athletes will talk about years down the road and most importantly what school will be home for the infamous Rotary Bowl for the next 365 days.

McClain and Hillsboro have had a well known rivalry since 1960, and in 1985 the Rotary Clubs decided from both communities to reward the Tigers and Indians with the Rotary Bowl to give to which ever team wins the battle of Highland County.

The Hillsboro Indians had a very good season last year ending with 9-2 record, a huge 68-7 victory over McClain and currently home for the Rotary Bowl, and had a playoff run however the 2019 year did not work out as planned.

The Tigers have been struggling to get back to their winning ways since 2012 when Randy Closson was head coach and they were 7-3 that year, they have not beaten Hillsboro since 2015 and the score of the Rotary Bowl was 35-27.

“Friday night will be the last game for the seniors. I have been with them for four years. This will be an emotional night for me as a coach as well as our players, especially our seniors, both teams are going to be fighting for a win at this point and the outcome of this game will be determined by the team who comes out with the fewest mistakes.” said Coach Jack O’Rourke

Rotary Bowl Results: 1985-2018

1985 Hillsboro 37, McClain 0

1986 McClain 3, Hillsboro 0

1987 Hillsboro 27, McClain 8

1988 Hillsboro 28, McClain 7

1989 Hillsboro 36, McClain 7

1990 Hillsboro 12, McClain 6

1991 McClain 28, Hillsboro 7

1992 Hillsboro 9, McClain 7

1993 Hillsboro 26, McClain 24

1994 Hillsboro 18, McClain 16

1995 Hillsboro 42, McClain 25

1996 Hillsboro 51, McClain 6

1997 McClain 13, Hillsboro 10

1998 Hillsboro 34, McClain 0

1999 McClain 17, Hillsboro 14

2000 McClain 27, Hillsboro 12

2001 Hillsboro 13, McClain 6

2002 McClain 30, Hillsboro 6

2003 McClain 36, Hillsboro 20

2004 Hillsboro 46, McClain 12

2005 Hillsboro 28, McClain 7

2006 McClain 12, Hillsboro 7

2007 Hillsboro 14, McClain 13 (OT)

2008 Hillsboro 12, McClain 0

2009 Hillsboro 33, McClain 8

2010 McClain 28, Hillsboro 15

2011 Hillsboro 28, McClain 27

2012 McClain 54, Hillsboro 6

2013 McClain 53, Hillsboro 14

2014 McClain 20, Hillsboro 8

2015 McClain 35, Hillsboro 27

2016 Hillsboro 43, McClain 40

2017 Hillsboro 61, McClain 13

2018 Hillsboro 68, McClain 7


Hillsboro: 21

McClain: 13

The McClain Tigers will be hosting the Hillsboro Indians at McClain Football Field this coming Friday night on Nov. 1, to play in the 35th anniversary of the Rotary Bowl in the 59 year old Highland County rivalry.

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Justin Spears runs with the ball during a game against Clermont Northeastern earlier this. Spears runs with the ball during a game against Clermont Northeastern earlier this. Tate Erkenbrecher | The Times-Gazette

Seth Wise jumps to receive a pass during the Miami Trace earlier this season. Wise jumps to receive a pass during the Miami Trace earlier this season. Mark Branham | For The Time-Gazette
Indians ride 3-game win streak into annual rivalry contest

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