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Sentimental Productions, a video production company based in Cincinnati, filmed its segment “On a Musical Note” at the Music Makers Museum in Highland County last week.

The production company travels the nation to produce video programs that celebrate America in story, scenery and song. Music Makers Museum will be featured in Sentimental Reflections, a DVD subscription service which goes to nursing homes and libraries across the nation. The expected release date is February 2020.

Kevin Delaney, producer of Sentimental Reflections and marketing director of Sentimental Productions, said the Music Makers Museum was picked because “we are always looking for unique places. The phonograph collection is unique. We have traveled to some of the best museums in the country. I am very impressed with the collection. What really makes this a special place to visit is the ability to see and hear the phonographs. You get a good history lesson, but you also get good stories of what it was like to live during each of the time periods and you hear and see the progression of how sound recording developed. It is well presented.”

The Music Makers Museum chronicles America’s history through the eyes of music from 1840 to 2000. The museum features both the technology people listened to music on and the changing musical landscape of American musical styles. The permanent exhibition “How’d We Get Here?” features nearly 40 operational phonographs, a wire recorder, a 1946 jukebox, record players, and Vogue picture records among other artifacts. After spending four hours filming at the museum for its 10-minute segment, videographer and Post Production Editor Woody Retherford said, “You could have just made this about the mechanics of the machines, but you included the culture. You hear the culture reflected in the music.”

“Phonograph Man” Rodney Pack plays the phonograph and there are 10 media players with short videos so you can hear the artists and songs you have just read about.

Charlotte and Rodney Pack opened the Music Makers Museum in Highland County in June at 11885 U.S. Route 50, east of Hillsboro. Their vision is to preserve early music recording technology and voices from America’s musical past to inspire future generations. The museum is closed for the winter months, but will reopen March 7 for a new season of visitors.

Learn more about the museum at or by calling 937-763-1864.

Charlotte Pack is the curator of the Highland County’s Music Makers Museum.

Curator Charlotte Pack is filmed by the crew of Sentimental Productions at the Music Makers Museum last week east of Hillsboro on U.S.Route 50. Charlotte Pack is filmed by the crew of Sentimental Productions at the Music Makers Museum last week east of Hillsboro on U.S.Route 50. Submitted photo
Featured by Cincinnati video production company

By Charlotte Pack

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