Students taste adulthood


Lynchburg-Clay teachers Tiffany Barnett and Will Fawley partnered with OSU Extension educator Kathy Bruynis to present the “Real Money, Real World” simulation to half of ninth grade students on Thursday, Dec. 19 following classroom preparation.

The rest of the class will experience the program next semester.

”Real Money, Real World” is an active, hands-on experience offered through OSU Extension that gives young people the opportunity to make lifestyle and budge choices similar to those they will make as adults. They study how occupations will affect their income, learn about payroll deductions by their employers, how to use a savings and checking account, and how to make life choices.

The students assume the role of a 27-year-old who is married to Chris. They receive an occupation, monthly salary, and a number of children (if any). At the end of the classroom lessons, the students complete a real-life simulation. During the simulation students interact with local businesses where they would spend their salaries on “real life” budget items including housing, utilities, groceries, insurance, childcare and transportation.

Throughout this activity, students keep track of their finances and attempt to complete the simulation with a positive balance. Students learn what they can and cannot afford on their income.

Some of the comments from the students were:

“Children are expensive.”

“It’s a good thing to do cause people don’t know how life is.”

“It was an eye-opener for the future.”

“I really appreciate all my foster mom does for me.”

“I love it because it makes you responsible.”

Local community representatives were: community volunteers, 4-H volunteers, C103, NCB Bank, Merchant’s National Bank, First State Bank, Hamilton Insurance, Lynchburg-Clay High School, and Amatha Farrens State Farm Insurance.

Submitted by Kathy Bruynis, Highland County OSU Extension Office.

Lynchburg-Clay ninth grade students learn about child care from Diana Grooms of First State Bank. ninth grade students learn about child care from Diana Grooms of First State Bank. Submitted photo

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