Hillsboro FFA members compete twice


On Feb. 12, four members from the Hillsboro FFA Chapter competed in the sub-district public speaking career development event at Whiteoak High School. The members who competed in this contest were Ryan Harless, Riley Stratton, Loraleigh Mayhan and Trinity Edenfield.

Harless competed in the extemporaneous portion of the contest. In this category, the contestants draw a topic and have 30 minutes to research the topic before presenting a speech to a set of judges. Harless placed third in the sub-district contest.

Stratton competed in the beginning prepared. In this contest, the participants write a speech they have to memorize, present to the judges, and then answer questions. Stratton placed first in the sub-district contest and will be moving on to districts. Loraleigh

Mayhan participated in advanced preparation, in which she placed second. In this portion of the contest, a speech is prepared that is longer than a speech for beginning prepared, which is memorized, presented to the judges, and questions are answered.

Trinity Edenfield competed in the creed speaking portion of the contest, in which she placed first. In this contest, students memorize the creed, present it to a set of judges, and answer questions asked by the judges about the creed.

On Feb. 18, four members of the Hillsboro FFA Chapter competed in the district ag sales contest. The contest was held at Ross High School. Members of the Hillsboro FFA Chapter that participated in the contest were Alora Brown, Trinity Edenfield, Joe Helterbrand, and Loraleigh Mayhan.

They spent weeks before the contest learning about their products and practicing their presentations. The team first had to take an online test in order to compete in the event. After the test scores were released, the team was standing fourth in the state. This year the team was tasked with selling benches and trash cans to evaluate how well they can sell a product. From matching customers needs and wants to building rapport with the customer, the team had a lot of studying to do.

This year the scenario given to the teams that competed was that they were going to be speaking with a local park ranger who was looking to buy new benches for his or her park. After developing a relationship and building rapport with the customer, team members then had to find out what kind of bench this person wanted. Then, the seller had to match those needs and wants identified before with a bench or two that would fit them best. If the customer was still hesitant, then the salesman would have to show them a new bench or offer them a deal.

The team placed fourth in the district contest and Joe Helterbrand was fourth individually in the contest.

Submitted by Zinny Adams and Joe Helterbrand, Hillsboro FFA.

Pictured, from left, are Alora Brown, Joe Helterbrand, Riley Stratton, Trinity Edenfield and Loraleigh Mayhan.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2020/03/web1_Hillsboro-FFa.jpgPictured, from left, are Alora Brown, Joe Helterbrand, Riley Stratton, Trinity Edenfield and Loraleigh Mayhan. Submitted photo

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