FRS Transportation remains open


At FRS Transportation, it’s “business as usual,” although the agency is taking precautions to ensure passengers’ and drivers’ safety with the program that was launched just a few weeks ago, FRS Transportation Director Damon Lucas told The Times-Gazette.

FRS drivers are available for same-day, on-demand rides that can take Highland County residents anywhere in the county.

Lucas said the agency was also able to expand its current program to offer on-demand transportation for Adams County residents as well.

Any of the two counties’ residents can call to request rides to places like grocery stores or doctor’s appointments.

“We want to help anybody we can,” Lucas said. “If anyone needs a ride, especially during this time, to get supplies or whatever they need to do, that’s what we want to offer.”

For passengers’ and drivers’ safety, Lucas said passengers aren’t permitted to sit in the front seat and drivers avoid using HVAC systems that would circulate air within the vehicle. The agency also limits passengers for each ride to one family unit at most, though single riders are preferred. FRS vehicles are regularly cleaned to current safety standards.

“I don’t see us shutting down,” Lucas said. “The only way we’d shut down is if all the drivers got sick. I’ll do whatever I can to be in the van myself then. It’ll be all hands on deck to try to keep it running.”

Drivers who felt uncomfortable driving after COVID-19 concerns began to spread into the county have not been forced to continue driving.

Though Lucas said the cost per on-demand ride may vary based on zones residents travel between, but rides generally cost:

*$1 to travel within city limits.

*$2 to travel up to 10 miles outside city limits.

*$3 to travel more than 10 miles outside city limits.

For more information, visit or call 937-393-0585.

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Lucas: ‘I don’t see us shutting down’

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