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On Wednesday, April 29, we hosted the first Southern Ohio Farm Show via Zoom. The program featured a weather update by OSU Extension Climatologist Dr. Aaron Wilson; a grain outlook by Ben Brown, OSU Extension economist; soil sampling by Gigi Neal; and I discussed the local food directory we are building as a community resource.

If you were unable to view the show, it is also posted on our Facebook and YouTube pages. It will also be broadcast through the Hillsboro and Greenfield local access channels.

The next broadcast of the Southern Ohio Farm Show will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 6 via Zoom. You can register for the program via:

Next week’s episode will include topics on gardening, what to do with local food in the kitchen, and a continued discussion about the markets and weather. If you do not have a computer or a smart phone, you are still able to listen to the program using the call-in option. Call the OSU Extension Office at 937-393-1918 for more information about the call-in number.

Local Foods Directory Website

We are continuing to update the Local Food Directory daily. There are over 100 Ohio food producers listed on the site, with products ranging from fresh meat and eggs to maple syrup. You can visit the site at The survey link is also available on the Local Food Producers Directory home page if you would like to add your farm to the list.

Are you tired of cooking and the costs of groceries? Here are some tips to help.

Editor’s note — the following was submitted by Leeanna McKamey, SNAP-Ed Program assistant, Ohio State University Extension, Highland County.

· Look in your cabinets and see what you already have. Then use those items to help make out meals for the rest of the week. Do this as a family. The more input everyone gives, the more they will enjoy the meals. When planning meals, remember to try and include all five food groups — fruits, dairy, protein, grains and vegetables.

· Include meals that you can combine food groups. Look up easy recipes online. Soup and stews are a great way to add more vegetables and grains while using less meat proteins which are expensive. If your family struggles with eating dairy and fruits, put low-fat yogurt and a can of fruit in the mixer, then freeze for a cold treat.

· Before going to the grocery wlways make out your grocery list and stick to it. Stay out of aisles that don’t contain items on your list. If your budget allows, add one item that your family loves that you haven’t had for a while.

· Check for sales and coupons online and in the paper.

· Make meals a positive time together. Encourage everyone to help and enjoy this time together.

Below is a fun recipe that is easy to make:

Scrambled Eggs in a Mug

Servings: 1

Prep time: 5 mins.

Total time: 7 mins.

Equipment: Microwave-safe mug or small bowl, cutting board

Utensils: Fork or whisk, knife


1 teaspoon unsalted butter

1 large egg

1 ½ tablespoons low-fat milk

Pinch of salt

Pinch of black pepper

¼ cup fresh, diced, mixed vegetables (halved grape tomatoes, broccoli, peppers and onion)

½ piece of bread torn into small pieces (optional)

1 tablespoon shredded cheese (e.g., cheddar cheese, mozzarella, etc.)

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 200

Total Fat: 12g

Sodium 510mg

Total Carbs: 12g

Protein: 12g


1. Before you begin, wash your hands, surfaces, utensils and produce.

2. In a microwave-safe mug or bowl, microwave butter for 10 seconds or just until melted. Add egg, salt and pepper and whisk vigorously until thoroughly combined and egg white is incorporated.

3. Add vegetables, bread (if using), and shredded cheese and stir all together. Make sure ingredients are evenly dispersed and have not settled to bottom of mug.

4. Place mug or bowl into microwave and cook on high for one minute.

5. Remove mug or bowl, stir with a fork, and microwave on high for an additional minute. Serve immediately.

Brooke Beam, Ph.D., is an agriculture and natural resources/community development educator, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, OSU Extension Highland County.

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