Highland County women empowered


At few other times in history have women of the world been spiritually moved to agree to differ, to resolve to love, and to unite to serve as right now with the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

The local chapter of Church Women United offers opportunity and empowerment for women to work individually and together. Highland County Church Women United is strictly a movement and has no physical structure or building. It includes women of all ages, races and cultures working for closer Christian fellowship in health and economy.

Some of the many ways to do this are to make and wear masks, to financially help the Highland County Homeless Shelter, to recycle, and to provide food for the hungry.

This year Highland County Church Women United has a new president in Judy Mason and a task force of six others: treasurer Carol Kirkhart, financial chair JoAnn Irish, communications chair Jennifer West, action chair Valeta Doorneweerd; celebrations chair Sue A. Smith; and development chair Jenny Miller.

For any ideas, help or questions, call 937-661-6087.

Submitted by Valeta Dorneweerd.

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