Thompson Funeral Homes add memorial feature


The Thompson Funeral Home and Wylie-Thompson Funeral Home are pleased to announce a new feature they’ve added to their online memorial pages. This new communication tool allows those who visit the memorial page to sign up for text or email notifications. If the family wishes to send updated service details or share a message, the tool broadcasts it to everyone who has subscribed.

“A lot of families are waiting to hold memorial services until it’s safe to do so. Others are looking to hold a service and stream it online for loved ones to view at home. Whatever the case may be, we wanted to make it easier for families to share important updates. With this new tool, we can easily reach everyone who has subscribed. All the family has to do is tell us the message and we’ll get it sent out,” said Steve Thompson, owner of the Thompson and Wylie-Thompson funeral homes.

If service details change, it can take a lot of time trying to update everyone. With the notifications feature, Thompson Funeral Homes can help streamline that process. When subscribing, users can select whether they wish to receive updates through phone via text or via email. Messages and updates can be easily sent by funeral home staff at the family’s request.

“The great thing about this tool is it makes it easy to communicate. Oftentimes, a family doesn’t know every friend of the deceased or they simply forget to notify someone. With this new feature, the public can visit the memorial page online and sign up to receive updates, removing some of that pressure on the family to update every person individually” Thompson said.

To learn more about this new feature or the other services offered by Thompson Funeral Homes, contact them directly by phone at 937-393-2373 or emailing [email protected].

Submitted byt Meghan Davis, Thompson Funeral Homes.

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