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With the 2020 high school baseball season and legion baseball being ripped away from the students, Scott Morgan and his coaching staff decided to take his baseball teams that would have been playing legion ball this year and take them and give them a new name for the time being.

The team that was once a legion team are now known as the Hillsboro Mavericks and will be taking part in several tournaments during the months of June and July such as The Tournament of Champions that is held at Richard Shaffer Park

Morgan stated “We will have two teams for this summer, a junior and senior team and both teams will have their own tournaments to play in.”

Junior season:

June Schedule

6/11 At Waverly 6:00 Piketon HS

6/16 At Portsmouth 6:00 PM Branch Rickey Park

6/17 Chillicothe 757 DH at 6:00 Richard Shaffer Park

6/19 Hillsboro Wood Bat TBD

6/20 Hillsboro Wood Bat TBD

6/21 Hillsboro Wood Bat TBD

6/23 Jackson DH at 6:30 Shaffer Park

6/24 At Lancaster 6:00 Beaver Field

6/26 Hillsboro Wood Bat TBD

6/27 Hillsboro Wood Bat TBD

6/28 Hillsboro Wood Bat TBD

6/30 At Troy Bombers 7:30PM Duke Park

July Schedule

7/6 At Chillicothe (16u) DH at 6:00 Mary Lou Patton

7/7 Lancaster 6:00 PM Shaffer Park

7/8 At Chillicothe 757 DH at 6:00 Mary Lou Patton

7/11 Portsmouth DH at 1:00 PM Shaffer Park

7/12 Waverly DH at 12:00 Shaffer Park

7/14 Lancaster 6:00 Shaffer Park

7/17 Jr Tournament TBD Shaffer Park

7/18 Jr Tournament TBD Shaffer Park

Senior season:

June schedule

6/12 Troy Tournament

6/13 Troy Tournament

6/14 Troy Tournament

6/16 Portsmouth Post 23 DH at 5:30 Shaffer Park

6/17 At Chillicothe Post 757 DH @ 6:00 PM Mary Lou Patton

6/19 Hillsboro Wooden Bat Tournament

6/20 Hillsboro Wooden Bat Tournament

6/20 Hillsboro Wooden Bat Tournament

6/24 Lancaster 6:00 Shaffer Park

6/26 Jadwin Tournament

6/27 Jadwin Tournament

6/28 Jadwin Tournament

6/30 At Springfield DH at 6:00 PM

July Schedule

7/1 At Piqua 9-inning at 6:30 PM Fountain Park

7/6 Springfield DH at 6:00 PM Shaffer Park

7/8 Chillicothe 757 DH at 6:00 PM Shaffer Park

7/9 At Portsmouth 5:30 Branch Rickey Park

7/11 At Waverly DH 11:00 AM Piketon HS

7/12 At Mustangs Post 303 DH at 12:00 PM Vinton Co HS

7/14 At Columbus Braves 6:30 PM

7/15 At Lancaster 6:00 Beaver Field

7/19 Regional Tournament Begins VA Memorial Stad.

Senior roster

Seth Meade, North Adams

Cade Meade, North Adams

Chase Smaltz, Lynchburg-Clay

Dominic Kerns, Clinton-Massie

Matthew Mitchel,l East Clinton

Dylan Kincer, Clinton-Massie

Drew Pitzer, Lynchburg-Clay

Trey Bogart, Whiteoak

Luke Magulac, Hillsboro

Zach Humphries, Hillsboro

Alex Barber, Lynchburg-Clay

Ethan Humphries, Hillsboro

John Salyers, McClain

Josh Wolfe, Lynchburg-Clay

Ian Wiles, Eastern Brown

Seth Goodall, Clinton-Massie

Zach Mitchell, East Clinton

Billy Depugh, Miami Trace

Briar Bourne, Lynchburg-Clay

Junior roster

RJ Taylor, North Adams

Dow Moon, Fairfield

Brayden Kisling, Hillsboro

Brady Lung, North Adams

Liam Smart, Hillsboro

Jacob Decker, Hillsboro

CJ Kemper, Hillsboro

Jeremy Kemper, Hillsboro

Lane Kerns, Clinton-Massie

Lukas Roush, North Adams

Ronald Kincer, Clinton-Massie

Landon Swayne, North Adams

Hunter Barnhill, Lynchburg-Clay

Austin Barnhill, Lynchburg-Clay

Trey Pitzer, Lynchburg-Clay

Garrett Payton, Miami Trace

Dakota Gasaway, Clinton-Massie

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By Tate Erkenbrecher [email protected]

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