HDH introduces new surgical technology

The Highland District Hospital Surgical Services team, along with Dr. Craig McKinney from Surgical Associates of Highland County, recently introduced the 1688 Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) 4K technology platform by Stryker to laparoscopic gall bladder removal surgery at Highland District Hospital.

This technology combines three, high definition platforms — the ENV, IRIS and Clarity — used in different surgical applications to aid the surgeon and surgical team in identifying critical anatomy. The ENV technology platform brings the highest level of protection and prevention to laparoscopic gall bladder procedures with the use of indocyanine green dye. This allows for enhanced visualization of anatomy in real-time, greater visualization and assessment of blood flow, tissue perfusion and biliary ducts when activated, all combined with a minimally invasive procedure which improves patient outcomes.

“This technology platform allows us to see critical anatomy much more clearly, helping us to avoid those areas during procedures,” said Dr. Craig McKinney, general surgeon. “During the first gall bladder removal procedure using this ENV technology, we were able to see the bile duct in great detail to ensure it was intact and untouched. Seeing this in such great detail is a reassuring safeguard for any surgeon.”

In addition to the ENV platform portion of this technology, Stryker also included both the IRIS and Clarity platforms as part of the imaging modalities. Used commonly during uterine procedures, the IRIS technology enhances visualization of the ureters with an infrared lighted fiber, reducing the risk of ureteral damage; and the military-grade technology, Clarity, helps surgeons see through sub-optimal conditions by improving image quality up to 48 percent.

All three of these technology platforms combined into one application will allow for enhanced and expanded surgery capabilities at Highland District Hospital moving forward.

Submitted by Ashlee Cheesbro, marketing manager, Highland District Hospital.

Highland District Hospital recently introduced new laparoscopic gall bladder removal surgery technology.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2020/06/web1_HDH-pic.jpgHighland District Hospital recently introduced new laparoscopic gall bladder removal surgery technology. Submitted photo

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