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Hello! In the kitchen with Sharon this week I made a new recipe — Dorito chicken casserole. It was delicious, but the next time I make it I am not adding the Doritos until I serve it unless I will serve it as soon as it comes out of the oven.

When heating it up the next day the Doritos get soggy. But it is crunchy as soon as it comes out of the oven and is perfect. This is a great recipe. Enjoy.

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Dorito chicken casserole

This Dorito chicken casserole is a simple and flavorful meal with a crunchy cheese and Dorito chip topping and crust. This is a casserole the whole family will love.

This tasty recipe was shared on our forum by Miz Suzi. The filling for the casserole is made with cooked diced chicken, sour cream and condensed soup. A combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses are added before it’s baked.

When it comes to Doritos, or similar corn chips, there are many flavors to choose from, including ranch flavored and spicy nacho cheese. Choose your family’s flavor and feel free to use a cheese blend rather than the mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.


3-4 cooked chicken breasts, shredded or chopped

Olive oil, for chicken

Salt and pepper for chicken

20 Doritos (any kind) crushed

Two cans of cream of chicken soup (98 percent ff)

Three/quarters cup mile (1 percent)

Sharp shredded cheddar cheese (fat free)

How to make it:

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper. Place the chicken on a lined baking sheet with tinfoil. Drizzle with a little olive oil. Put the chicken in the oven and bake at 450 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. When the chicken is done, take it out and let it set for a while. Dice the chicken or shred it.

2. In a 9-inch by 13-inch casserole dish, start with a layer of Doritos. Then layer on the cooked chicken and cream of chicken soup mix. Sprinkle some cheese on top and repeat those four layers again.

3. Place in the oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the cheese is nice and bubbly. This just needs to be heated since the chicken is already cooked through.

4. Enjoy!

Sharon Hughes is the advertising manager at The Times-Gazette. She is also a mother, grandmother and chef.

Sharon Hughes Staff columnist Hughes Staff columnist

This is Sharon’s Dorito chicken casserole. is Sharon’s Dorito chicken casserole. Sharon Hughes | The Times-Gazette