First suspect sentenced in shooting death


WILMINGTON — A remorseful suspect in a shooting death will serve three years of community control — including a treatment program and house arrest while wearing a GPS monitor.

Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John “Tim” Rudduck gave Kevin Noe Jr., 22, a suspended six-month sentence along with the three years of community control sanctions. Noe had been incarcerated at the Clinton County Jail since Jan. 20.

Noe will report to the STAR Community Justice Center in Franklin Furnace, where he must complete a treatment program. The STAR center is a “community-based correctional facility — a local alternative to prison with the primary purpose of rehabilitation of non-violent, felony offenders” of 19 counties.

He will first report to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office on Sept. 14 and then be transported to the center on Sept. 16.

After completing STAR treatment, Noe will have a GPS tracking device affixed to him and be on house arrest.

Noe pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in August, dismissing other charges of murder and robbery.

Noe is one of four suspects accused of the shooting death of 23-year-old Layne Hall of Blanchester on Jan. 21. The other three are Christian Terry, 22, Corey Ruffner, 21, and Joshua Williams, 18.

According to court documents, Rudduck found “an unusual set of facts” with the case. Rudduck noted the alleged shooting suspect (Williams) was also an apparent target for a planned robbery involving Noe, Hall, and allegedly Terry and Ruffner.

“The court does not believe defendant Noe participated in the confrontation with any expectation of someone dying,” the sentencing docket states.

Rudduck took note of how remorseful Noe appeared, how he was taking steps to improve himself, and Rudduck took note that Noe had no prior criminal record.

Before the sentencing, statements were made by both Hall’s family and Noe’s family.

Shannon Smart of the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office read a letter from the Hall family to Noe.

“I pray that you learn from this tragic experience and never just follow the crowd again,” the letter stated. “You’ll have a second chance at life, and that is not the case for my family.”

Family members of Noe spoke about how Hall’s death greatly affected him. They also asked Rudduck to not give Noe a prison sentence due to a hard life which included him being bullied.

Noe spoke before the sentencing, mostly to apologize to Hall’s family.

“I know me saying sorry isn’t going make it any better. But I wanted you to understand that I am sorry for taking any part of what happened that night,” said Noe.

Noe, Terry and Ruffner were charged with alleged murder, involuntary manslaughter, and robbery. Williams now faces charges of “using a firearm in connection with a crime of violence” and drug possession with intent to distribute in U.S. District Court — Southern District of Ohio (Cincinnati).

Court documents indicated Hall and three of the suspects (Terry, Noe and Ruffner) allegedly rode in a car together to meet someone at the Brownberry Apartments parking lot; soon after the four arrived, the person they were to meet — allegedly Williams — pulled up in a car, and shortly after that is when gunfire was heard.

Although court documents indicate Terry, Noe or Ruffner did not purposely kill Hall, it alleges that if they had not taken part in initiating a robbery, the alleged murder would not have occurred.

Williams is suspected of directly causing Hall’s death.

Jury trials are scheduled for the other three suspects in October.

Three other suspects face October jury trials

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