Final FAC boys golf results


The Frontier Athletic Conference wrapped up its boys golf season Tuesday at the Washington Country Club by completing the final 18 holes of golf league play. The Washington High School boys are the league champions. The team final standings are as follows:

Boys golf final standings

1. Washington 29-6

2. Hillsboro 28-7

3. McClain 18-17

4. Chillicothe 15-20

5. Jackson 12-23

6. Miami Trace 2-33

The Frontier Athletic Conference Player of the Year is Gabe Mycroft from Hillsboro High School. The all-conference finishers are listed below, along with their FAC season average:

All-FAC Boys Golf

Gabe Mycroft, Hillsboro, 40.833

JT Kobel, Chillicothe, 42.333

Wes Potts, McClain, 42.833

Lawton Parry, Hillsboro, 43.833

Garrett Wahl, Washington, 43.883

Ethan Rasp, Jackson, 44.000

Brice Cartwright, Washington, 44.167

Submitted by Terri Tutt, FAC commissioner.

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