Publication: Hillsboro Times-Gazette


Bar code: 10016

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2021

Volume: 25

Issue: 123

No. of sections: 1

No. of pages: 8


Obituaries: 2

Opinion: 3

Comics: 4

Puzzles: 5

Classifieds: 6

Sports: 7

Page 1: A8 — With a slight variation — We’d like to run a piece of stand alone art as the centerpiece with 4 stories around it in the usual template slots. The piece of stand alone art is slugged HTG050421PrayerEvent



1) — HTG050421WilkinSolar w/mug shot (runs as dominant feature at top of page over 4 columns on right side of page), inches

2) — HTG050421DayofPraryer (no art — runs beneath the stand lone centerpiece), inches

3) — HTG050421CovidUpdate w/logo (runs down 2 columns on left side of page),

4) — HTG050421StewartHired w/pic (runs to right of centerpiece — Pic can run at bottom of story on page 1), 15 inches

We will have another page 1 item slugged HTG050421FrontWeatherIcon. It goes in the index box on the bottom left corner of the page and includes a small weather icon, short weather description and high and low temperatures for the day.

*****Also place Facebook logo in Index box

2A – Obits

HTG050421WoodyardObit w/2 pics, 14.4 inches

HTG050421CreekObit w/pic, 10.6 inches

HTG050421CarterObit w/pic, 8.4 inches

HTG050421DayObit w/pic, 4.8 inches

HTG05042HerholzObit, 7.9 inches

HTG050421HodgeObit, 5.6 inches

All obits are posted

Inside pages

1) — HTG050421HPDReports (story only), 4 inches

2) — HTG050421GPDReports (story only), 3 inches

3) — HTG050421Proclamation (stand alone pic)

4) — HTG050421KgartenRegistration (story only), 12 inches

5) — HTG050421PetofWeek (stand alone pic)

6) — HTG050421TakeNote (story only — can be cut as needed), 14 inches

***** Local news should always be placed before any AP copy — that has not been the case at times recently

*****Take Note should be used only after everything budgeted above them has been used.

3A – Opinion

HTG050421TheirView (runs at top of page over 2 columns on left), 6 inches

HTG050421TodayInHistory (runs beneath Their View — NOTE — Please do not cut Today’s Birthdays from this story; you can cut anything else, but please do not cut the birthdays), 27 inches

HTG050421PoliticalCartoon (runs at top of page over 4 columns on right)

HTG050421ClassonColumn w/mug shot (runs beneath the PoliticalCartoon), 16 inches

*****If you need more filler for the 4 columns on the right side, use HTG050421OurPolicies beneath the Political Cartoon. Our Policies can be cut as needed.

4A – Comics

5A – Puzzles

NOTE — If needed, please use local content or jumps in the TV grid space. Otherwise, use an AP Entertainment story

6A – Classifieds/Local

7A – Sports

HTG050421McClainTrack (story w/2 pics), 7 inches

HTG050421HillsboroTrack (story and pic), 12 inches

NOTE — We have just the two local sports stories today. Would like to lead with the McClain story and use Hillsboro story as centerpiece. After that, pic a template and fill the rest of the page with Cincinnati Reds/Bengals, Ohio State Buckeyes, etc. of the top of AP sports stories of the day.

8A – Local

NOTE — Since we have no local sports and there is not much room on the this page, let’s make it a local page

******Will update inch counts as they become available.

Contact numbers: Reach editor Jeff Gilliland at 937-402-2522. Sports questions should also be directed to Jeff. NOTE — If needed, please use local content or jumps in the TV grid space. Otherwise, use an AP Entertainment story