Kibler holding book signing

Hillsboro resident and Whiteoak High School graduate Blake Kibler will hold a signing of his new book “Time Served” from 4-7 p.m. Sunday, May 23 at Details Salon and Day Spa in Hillsboro.

All are welcome to this event. There will be table foods along with pictures and copies of the book available to buy in paperback form.

The book is currently available to purchase on Amazon.

“My story is told through a fictional character, Noah, a boy who for all his troubles just wants to be normal,” Kibler said. “But at the age of 20, Noah is in jail for the murder of his father. Mrs. Sheridan, his prison therapist, encourages Noah to write down the dark thoughts that pound through his brain on a daily basis. As he anxiously awaits his sentencing, he begins to write about events in his life that have led to his current situation.

“Noah’s story is presented through his writing and a series of interviews with his therapist. It is filled with broken families, terrible choices and ugly truths as he encounters horrific physical abuse and mental abuse by those entrusted with his care. But it is also redemptive, as Noah rediscovers the grace, love and peace that ultimately saves his soul, and the people that helped him along the way.”


The Times-Gazette