State officials promote vaccines for young people


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine continued to urge to young people to get their COVID-19 vaccinations, according to recent news releases

In one release DeWine encouraged students involved in athletics and other activities to get vaccinated. He was also joined by Ohio High School Athletic Association Director Doug Ute and Ohio Department of Health Chief Medical Officer M.D. Bruce Vanderhoff in talking about why it’s a good idea for the students and their teams to make sure they can have a full season.

“We know that vaccine is our most effective tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and our ticket to get back to the way things used to be. For many students, that means getting back to playing sports or being involved in student activities with fewer restrictions. By getting vaccinated, students will be protecting themselves and each other,” DeWine said. “The vaccine is our ticket to allow athletes to live up to their dreams and compete.”

DeWine also had others talk about why students involved in extracurricular activities should get vaccinated, including Ute.

“The number one question I get from coaches, parents and student-athletes is ‘what are things going to look like in the fall?’ I tell them we kind of hold the opportunity in our hand right now to go back to the way things were,” Ute said. “I encourage everyone to get the vaccination so we can go back to life when kids aren’t 10 feet apart on the sidelines and athletes can high five and hug each other when they make a good play.”

According to a Thursday press release, about 231,000 Ohio residents from the age of 12 to 17 have started the vaccination process. The news release also discussed multiple outreach efforts the state is working on for getting vaccinations to younger people. Those outreach efforts include:

* Outreach to schools — The release said schools have worked to partner with providers to offer vaccination clinics on-site for students. It also said that a survey of school districts across the state said that more than 200 districts plan to offer opportunities for vaccination on-site.

* Outreach through community organizations — The release said the state partnered with all of the Boys and Girls Clubs across the state which will serve as vaccination sites. Also, it said 67 local providers will also host vaccination clinics in partnership with summer food service programs for families.

* Outreach through local providers — The state is working with pediatricians and family doctors to “encourage them to become providers so that students can get the COVID-19 vaccine from their own doctors.” The release said almost 500 pediatric and family medicine offices currently offer vaccinations.

* Outreach to under served areas — The release said the state will assist in expanding school-based health care services as well as increasing the number of community-based health workers in “high-need” areas and offer vaccinations at all Job and Family Services offices that serve customers.

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