Minimally invasive hip replacement procedure performed at Highland District Hospital


HILLSBORO – Dr. Alex Renshaw of Highland Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has performed the first minimally invasive surgical procedure for hip replacement at Highland District Hospital, delivering significant benefits to patients.

The Medacta AMIS Anterior hip replacement offers a less invasive approach which is welcomed news for millions of Americans who suffer from arthritic hip pain, but have delayed hip replacement surgery for fear of a lengthy, painful rehabilitation.

This technique has the ability to reduce pain, the need for pain medication, and overall recovery time.

Conventional total hip replacement techniques require detaching muscle from the back of the hipbone, an intensive and often complex procedure.

Conversely, the Medacta AMIS hip replacement technique only requires a single incision through the front of the patient’s hip and does not require any muscle cuts

during the procedure. In most cases this results in a faster recovery and ability for the patient to return to daily activities sooner compared to the traditional approach.

“Patients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they’re up and moving following surgery,” said Dr. Renshaw. “Many have enjoyed getting back to their normal activities more easily than anticipated with less recovery time. Their only wish is that they’d had the procedure sooner.”

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, there are a total of 231,000 hip replacement surgeries performed each year in the United States, a number that is projected to grow dramatically to 572,000 by 2030.

With the addition of Dr. Renshaw to the surgical staff, Highland District Hospital has been able to bring cutting edge orthopedic procedures to their patients including robotic procedures, narcotic free total knee replacements, and other advanced practice orthopedic surgeries.

To learn more about the Medacta AMIS hip replacement technique, contact Highland Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine at 937-840-6700.
Patients can return to daily activities faster

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