Opinions: We all have hem

That day two to three years ago seems like yesterday. I tell people almost daily that I have never taken over 20 minutes to make any decision in my life. That hasn’t always worked well for me, but that’s the way I am wired, I guess. I was sitting at my desk here at Classic Real Estate and a thought came at me like a scud missile. “I wonder if the Times Gazette would let me write those articles I read in their paper?”

I had never written anything before and had no experience, but what would I have to lose if I at least try. About two minutes later I was sitting at The Times-Gazette Editor Jeff Gilliland’s desk pleading my case. He only knows his thought process, but I did leave with a yes.

We all have heard that opinions are like that other thing that should not be said here, but it is true, we all have them. Some have strong ones about everything, some not so much, and some you never know where they stand on anything.

Two people jumped to the front of the line in my head that had very strong opinions — Archie Bunker and my grandfather. Most of you have heard of the first one, but maybe not the second. Both were very similar. I am sure you know the type. There were never any questions about what they were thinking or feeling. They both told you very plainly their thoughts even though you didn’t care to hear them. As I am thinking of them both, they were men to be admired. It can be assuring to not have to try and read body language and voice tone to try to understand the true meaning of the speaker. Agree or not, you always knew where they stood.

No one, and I stress no one, can argue the fact that many issues face us in today’s world. Mask or no mask; vaccine or not; liberal or conservative; Ford, Chevy or Dodge; steak or chicken; Ginger or Mary Ann, how long could this list go on?

Probably today’s two most popular issues are politics and Covid. I would say it’s a very close race for first place for both topics. Having had Covid late last year, staying inside for close to a month and knowing first-hand friends that have died from it, I can’t say it isn’t real or it’s like the flu. It’s very real. Many lives have been affected greatly by this disease.

But when it comes to masks and vaccines, I can say I do not have a strong opinion. I am on the fence on this. Now, I did get vaccinated and will wear a mask again if I am required to do so. You may ask why would you do that? For me the reason is simple — because I was asked to do it. Some of you may be thinking that many would do whatever we are asked no matter how bizarre it may be. My response would be: Don’t we all do things we don’t like to do, but must do them anyway? I do not like to pay insurance, buy tires, or even go to work at times, but for some things there are no other options.

Life can be like the squeeze play at home plate. The runner on third has a good lead, the batter bunts it perfectly down the first base line. The runner races for home and all the fans are standing and waiting to see the outcome. Some think the runner made it with ease while others think there is no way he was safe. But ultimately, it’s down to only one person to make the call. Whatever the umpire calls determines if there was a run scored or an out.

So many things in life I may have an opinion on and maybe even a very strong one, but no matter how strongly I feel about it, it doesn’t make me right. Or most times it doesn’t even matter what I think, the call will remain the same.

Here is a final question to consider about opinions: We all have them about everything. We won’t always be right. We won’t always be wrong. Some things we can fix while some are way above our pay grade for us to find the solution. Are all our opinions worth fighting for, or is the relationship that could be broken during the fight more important?

You decide.

Randy Butler is a lifelong resident of Highland County and a licensed real estate agent for Classic Real Estate in Hillsboro.

Randy Butler Contibuting columnist
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