City launches new economic development site


The city of Hillsboro has recently unveiled a new economic development website that hopes to digitally showcase what Hillsboro “has to offer” to current and prospective residents, developers, site selectors, corporate executives and businesses, according to city representative, Lauren Walker.

The website, accessible at, was created by the city in conjunction with the creation of the city’s economic development department, according to Walker, who serves as the city’s economic development assistant, among other duties.

Walker explained that, “It was imperative to build a website,” that showcased Hillsboro online as an accessible reference to those seeking more information about it.

“Would you ever move or start a business to a city,” Walker asked, if you didn’t have, “basic information about the area?”

According to the website, “The city of Hillsboro has partnered with CGI Communications to produce a series of educational videos that highlight the community of Hillsboro”, that will be available soon on the website.

Walker said that the website is also inclusive of information that is relevant to potential economic development, such as a compendium of major employers in the area, demographics, an quality of life information, among other considerations. Walker said, “The website also includes a section for shopping, dining, parks, things to do, transportation,” and the aforementioned community videos, currently in preproduction, according to Walker.

Walker elaborated that the website helps to reveal the integral strengths of the community in an accessible way, and noted, “The city of Hillsboro has an excellent foundation with thriving industries and community. We just need to show it off a little.”

The Hillsboro Economic Development website is accessible at

Juliane Cartaino is a stringer for The Times-Gazette.

New venture hopes to ‘show off’ Hillsboro to developers

By Juliane Cartaino

For The Times-Gazette

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