Borsini county commissioner candidate

Greenfield resident Eric Borsini, D.C., has announced that he will run for a seat of the Highland County Board of Commissioners in the May primary election.

Current county commissioner Jeff Duncan has announced that he will not seek re-election when his term ends after the current year.

“I am a representative of the citizens, not a professional politician with a personal agenda,” Borsini said of reasons for seeking the office. “I have lived in Highland County for more than 21 years and this is home. I have raised my children here. I operate my business here. I am invested in the community.

“I currently serve on the Greenfield Village Council where I am in my fifth year. I am also the finance chairman of the council’s finance committee where I have served responsibly for years and possess a comprehensive understanding of government needs and finances. The village was able to carryover more than $600,000 into 2022, and it’s the most financially secure Greenfield has been in decades.”

Borsini said he serves on the village’s board of zoning appeals where he has had to make hard decisions. He said his decisions represent the people and the law and not his personal feelings or agenda. He said he knows how zoning can affect people and that he cares about the village residents.

“In my business as a physician, I hear from citizens of all ages and backgrounds about the community and I listen,” he said. “I question how things are working and continually strive to improve it. I am dedicated to the community and its citizens and serve with passion and dedication.

“Within Greenfield, I have personally remodeled three dilapidated downtown buildings and am currently finishing up a fourth, which is one of the oldest in the downtown. I appreciate history and seek to preserve it. I am no stranger to hard work, to rolling up my sleeves and putting in the work needed to get something done. When I see a need, I give it my all.”

Borsini said he strives to see the bigger picture and find a way to create a proper solution, looks at problems as a challenge and works tirelessly to solve them, evaluates the situation and works with others to find a better, more effective way of getting a job done, and has a willingness to tackle big problems, find solutions, and put in the work required to successfully see things through to completion.

“In my life, when I see a need I don’t just sit there and wait for someone else to do something about it. I step up and run full steam ahead. While my children were growing up, I served as assistant Boy Scout master for their troop for many years,” he said. “In that role I not only helped my own children develop qualities needed to be an active and productive citizens of the community, but every other child there, too. I was a substitute teacher at McClain High School, sharing my knowledge of anatomy and physiology with students when the teacher of that course was on leave. I have also assisted at Southern State Community College as an adjunct professor of biology when there was a shortage of instructors.

“I only seek to leave the world a better place and at the end of my life hear the words ‘my good and faithful servant’ from my Father in heaven. I promise to give my all with integrity, honesty and dedication. I will continue to do as I have done for more than two decades, and that is to love my community and strive to make a difference for the better.”

He said he is qualified to serve as county commissioners for the following reasons:

* Currently serve in a government capacity as a councilman, dedicating time to numerous duties throughout the community, and he knows how government works and how it doesn’t.

* Serves responsibly in local government as finance chairman possessing a comprehensive understanding of government needs and finances.

* Successfully serves in many leadership roles in the community and operates his own business.

* Possess communication skills and is always willing to work with all parties to find a mutual solution to a problem.

* Is dedicated, fair, compassionate, honest and a great listener.

* Is not afraid of hard work and a lot of it, and will tirelessly give his all.

”There’s nothing two men can’t do as long as one of them is God,” Borsini said. “I will always serve my community with faith, relying on the good Lord for guidance for our home and community. I appreciate your vote and look forward to serving as your next county commissioner. I promise I won’t let you down.”

Information for this story was provided by Eric Borsini.

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