5 years prison for kidnapping


A Cincinnati man was sentenced to at least five years in prison for kidnapping and burglary on Monday in Highland County Common Pleas Court.

Brandon Engle, 28, was sentenced for kidnapping, a second-degree felony, and robbery, also a second-degree felony. Engle was given 46 days of jail-time credit.

Court records state that, for the kidnapping count, on or around Aug. 30, 2018, Engle by force, threat or deception knowingly, under circumstances creating a substantial risk of serious physical harm to the victim, restrained the liberty of the victim and that Engle did not release the victim in a safe place, unharmed.

For the second count, court records state that on or around Aug. 30, 2018, Engle attempted or committed a theft offense, or in fleeing immediately after the attempt or offense did inflict, attempted to inflict or threatened to inflict physical harm on the victim.

In other sentencings, Brandon Pettiford, 35, Hillsboro, was sentenced to at least 30 months in prison for one count of aggravated trafficking of methamphetamine in the vicinity of a school zone, a third-degree felony. Pettiford was also given two days of jail-time credit.

According to court records, Pettiford was ordered to pay $120 to the Highland County Task Force.

Court records state that on or around March 16, 2021, an investigator and lieutenant met with a confidential informant who said they could purchase methamphetamine from Pettiford. The informant was searched and then given $60 in recorded money as well as an audio/video recorder. They were dropped off behind the post office in Greenfield and walked to an alley behind McDonald’s. A short time after that, a vehicle pulled into that alley, and the informant entered the vehicle.

Two minutes later, the informant exited the vehicle and was picked up by the investigator and a lieutenant. The informant gave them a clear bag containing a crystal substance. The informant said they handed the money to a front seat passenger, Pettiford, and then the bag was handed back. The substance was sent to BCI and tested positive as 1.18 grams of methamphetamine, according to court records.

The previous alley was also within 1,000 feet of the head start school located at the corner of Jefferson Street and Second streets.

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Hillsboro man sentenced for selling meth in school zone

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